Whiteline Front Endlinks

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Brand: Whiteline
Adjustable: No
Bearing Type: Polyurethane Bushing
Material: Aluminum
QTY: 2
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
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The stock endlinks are weak and are not up to the task of aggressive driving with upgraded sway bars. Their job is to transfer the energy from the sway bar to the control arm. If they are deflecting, you are not getting all of the performance from your sway bar. These endlinks use a metal bearing and have an adjustable length allowing them to be uses with adjustable sway bars.
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maybe RSD should try to keep customers happy
madpyro2081764 5 months ago
bought these to replace the factory endlinks, one of which was busted. Once I got them installed they worked great. no complaints so far as to how they hold up. I will say though, the installation instructions are beyond terrible and do not help at all with installation. One black and white photograph and a few words does not count as instructions. I am also highly disappointed in the length of time it took rallysport direct to process and ship my order. I had to wait a week and a half after I placed my order for them to arrive at my door. Next time I think I will spend my money elsewhere

Almost perfect
Fidrat 8 months ago
I got them back in 2011 to replace the OEM ones on my 03 WRX that snapped!!! They have worked well and show no signs of wear.In the instructions, the illustration is wrong for the 03 with steel control arms and stock sway bar. You have to rearrange the spacers and turn the bolt around so that the head is closest to the sway bar to keep it from rubbing. Other than that a fine product!
Verified Purchase
Nicely built
wyturriaga 1 year ago
These are very nice, but they are bulky, and noisy. There isn't a whole lot of room between my 24mm bar and these, maybe 2mm of clearance. NVH isn't the biggest concern for me, nor unexpected, but after 3 weeks of driving, they squeak and clunk quite a bit more than they did in the beginning. 4 stars because of these two things. Other than that, they perform great in the corners!

HD Endlinks
calebtharrell47122 3 years ago
Just the opposite of the guy above. I bought these to replace my kartboy endlinks which the bushings were completely destroyed in. They have been installed for a year and a half with no problems!
Verified Purchase
Just awesome!
gustavo 3 years ago
Just perfect as always. Thank you RSD for your great service.


  • AnswerQ: ??   monsterenvybmx703672 7 months ago

    Not sure on the brand of my sway bar, but I know it's aftermarket. Not sure if these will work. How can I find out?

    • A: These should work with most aftermarket swaybars.

      Josh P. 7 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Outbacks?  kaitanium 2 years ago

    whitelines product selector shows this to be compatible with 2009 outbacks. Some on forums also confirm. Can you guys confirm?

    • A: These a confirmed fit for your 2009 Outback.

      Spencer H. 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Not meant for 2007 impreza wagons??  shampton_13135151 3 years ago

    I purchased a set of these for my 2007 2.5i Subaru Impreza wagon and they do not fit. Not even close. Your application guide doesn't specify if it only fits sedans but they did not fit my wagon.

    • A: Whiteline does offer a wagon specific front endlink which is part number KLC30. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we have now updated the website. :)

      Matt G. 3 years ago