Whiteline Rear Subframe Positive Traction Kit

Part #: WHI KDT907
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Brand: Whiteline
Material: Polyurethane
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 year
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Whiteline rear subframe bushings replace the stock soft rubber units with harder polyurethane units. These harder bushings eliminate all the rear sub frame movement during hard lateral loads, helping reduce the typical Subaru snap over steer, and providing more crisp feedback out of the back end of the car. By reducing the shifting of the rear subframe, the back of the car will break loose much more predictably. Unlike the stock bushings that snap back when they are unloaded. All these things make the car much more enjoyable, and predictable to drive.



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Labor intensive
adrianfitts49972 9 months ago
These bushings are definitely something worth looking into especially if your plans are going to be tracking the car , or even autoX. Not much difference with NVH (vibration). Really makes the rear end planted with not much movement if at all. I had the Subframe and diff bushings done at the same time and certainly some of that rear end slop is gone. These bushings now have 8k on them and so far very much worth every penny.

Worth it?
cropperr38215 2 years ago
the OEM bushings are clearly not meant to be removed. pressing them out is not an option because of the flange on the bottom side. Thus, the old fashion way of torch, saw and chisel is required. But, huge difference in handling.

Huge difference, pain to install
jacobgraham56508 2 years ago
These are well worth the time and effort to install. They make a big difference taking out the boat effect of shifting. The rear end stays solid in turns and on the straights. During the install, you will hate life... So don't attempt if you are a mediocre tech. I've done two of these and both have taken well over 4 hours.

High level of experience needed for install
jacobgraham56508 3 years ago
We did these on a 09' WRX sedan and luckily we had access to a lift, transmission jack, and a torch. You do have to remove the entire rear subframe from the car, differential and all (there is no way around this). What worked for us because the subframe is too akward to fit in a press is we burned out the rubber from the oem bushings. Once the rubber was soft enough, we hammered out the center sleeves and then took a chisel to collapse and remove the outer metal sleeves of the oem bushing. The process took a full 4+ hours. If you are not comfortable removing the ENTIRE rear end of your car, do not attempt this. Luckily you can hang the brakes and suspension up so you don't have to bleed or re-adjust much of anything, but I do recommend an alignment afterwards. The results- HUGE improvement of acceleration and gear changes. The boat like motion when shifting of most Legacys, Outbacks, and WRXs is almost gone. Are the bushings worth the headache? Yes, but just be careful to not get in over your head. If a shop charges you less than 4 hours of labor to install these, you are getting a bargin...lol.

mkvaron64835 4 years ago
Great product! I would highly recommend getting these installed at a shop where they have access to the proper tools (machine press & rack). My subframe had to be removed to put them on, but it was worth the 2 hours of labor because it feels remarkably more planted during throttle applications through the corners. I also had the whiteline rear diff (front/rear) positive power kits installed at the same time so that may also have contributed to the more grippy feeling on the rear of the car...


  • AnswerQ: install  fatbastard 4 years ago

    Do these bushings need to be machine-pressed for install?

    • A: Yes, these bushings do need to be machine-pressed in for installation.

      Matt G. 4 years ago