Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

Part #: WHI KCA334
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Brand: Whiteline
Adjustable: No
Bearing Type: Polyurethane Bushing
Caster Adjusted: Yes
Material: Aluminum / Polyurethane
Mounts Included: No
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
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The Anti lift kit increases Caster by repositioning the rearward lower control arm suspension mounting height. A reduction in caster loss during braking was also aided through the low compliance bushing and offsetting the bushing for increased static caster angle. Which aids in the vehicle straight-line stability and reduction in steering effort through increased negative camber angle.

The standard version uses a hard bushing offering great performance while still giving some compliance. This will transfer some noise and vibration into the vehicle and is recommended for street driven vehicles.

Adds approximately 0.5 degrees of positive caster.




Caster adjustment
subarman 5 months ago
I've researched the forums, asked several alignment shops, even contacted Whiteline about the adjustable caster feature, and no one can really give me a straight answer on how to properly set it up. The best answer I got from others who have installed was: Add as much caster as possible while still keeping it even on both sides. Whiteline said: We generally recommend using it set to add 0.5 degree of Caster, but the spec can change based on your vehicle's OE specs, and regarding the exact method of adjustment: There is a press/pin tool that is used to adjust the eccentric [sleeve], although a properly sized punch can be used as well, as long as the pressure is carried over close to the sleeve to avoid breaking the punch. I've shared the above info with several alignment technicians, and every one of them scratched their head. My recommendation, go to a performance oriented alignment shop, or better yet, a Subaru aftermarket specialist in order to get the most out of this product. I'm still looking for one in my area. Giving 4/5 because I'm sure the product is working as intended, but it shouldn't be so difficult to determine target numbers for caster, especially when Whiteline went through the seemingly unnecessary trouble of making caster adjustable with those offset pins.
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Simple change, big bang
thomas.henson70980 1 year ago
What they said, these things are awesome. Huge difference in handling on the track or street. While having other mods installed, the mechanic let me know the stock bushings were shot. They looked like melted rubber. Had the ALK kit overnighted. Verified: increased steering response and better turn-in. Should be stock, but some people would complain about the slight noise and firmness.
Verified Purchase
mbflinn 2 years ago
Used this to replace the garbage Perrin PSRS that had corroded itself permanently and loudly into my control arms. This is WAY BETTER than the aforementioned PSRS unit. It does the same thing without making your car sound and feel like your axles are falling off.
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Oh yeah! Thats what I'm talking about!
guest55c52bc6caae52790b8b8f2f 2 years ago
Oh thank god. The stock bushings were so soft it was mind blowing. These are very nice! If your a nancy you will have to bring them somewhere to get them pressed out. Or you can do it HARDCORE and go to princess auto and buy two huge 12 point sockets. One is the exact size but a few thou smaller than the new bushing and the other is large enough to fit the bushing into. Using my trusty hammer I was able to quite easily hammer the old bushing out and the new one in without doing any damage. This is definitely a good upgrade.
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thumbs up
guest55c535bdcaae52790b8e4f75 3 years ago
Combo installed with whitelines roll center adjustment kit. Car was slightly lowerd, about 1 all around . The car had very little roll but there was something harsh about the handling and sharp turns felt as if the tires wanted to roll under themselves even with lower profile tires and maxed out stock camber. The roll center kit gave the car back response and nimbleness the front end used to have. The increased caster from the Anti lift kit felt as if someone took 200 lbs of weight out of the front of my car. Turning the car feels so much more natural. The front tires bite extremely hard now where they used to understeer and i can feel the tires using all of the contact patch through sharp turns.


  • AnswerQ: subaru 08-2010 only?!?!  invinhciblee88467 3 months ago

    I was wondering if this will work for 2011+ STI's. I need this but i own a 2011. it says its not a direct fit. Can anyone confirm? I've read that 2011 has a different kind of stock bushing compared to the lower years but not 100% sure. Thanks!

    • A: This kit will not work on 11+ STI. You would need to purchase Whiteline part number WHI KCA425M for your car.

      Josh P. 3 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Offset Caster  bvails7357323 8 months ago

    My daughter slowly drove one front wheel and pushed the caster back about a degree from the other side. Can I use these in an offset manner (+.5 on one side, -.5 on the other) to get caster equal on both sides?

    • A: This kit was not designed with that intended purpose in mind, but rather to increase Caster only. That being said, you theoretically could rotate the eccentric tubes to have one side at positive and the other at negative. I would be cautious as this would affect all related alignment angles and could affect vehicle performance.

      Jonathan @ Whiteline 8 months ago

    • A: This kit can be offset and will offer castor adjustment but we think there is something else wrong with the alignment and we recommend finding the damaged piece causing these issues.

      Tommy M. 8 months ago

  • AnswerQ: alignment  kyle.boehme14576 2 years ago

    will this require an alignment after install?

    • A: Yes an alignment will be required to correct toe

      Kirill C. 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: 0.5 degrees...  kbreeze 2 years ago

    I have a hard time believing that half a degree of caster can change the response of the vehicle in any noticeable way. Is this one of those mods that one would only notice while on the track? Can't help but think placebo effect....

    • A: Half a degree of caster affects the steering response more than most people realize. You will notice the difference in response on and off the track after installing an anti lift kit, due to the caster change and stiffer bushing material. An anti lift kit is one of the most beneficial simple modifications you can do in my opinion.

      Zach G. 2 years ago