TurboXS Hybrid Blow Off Valve

Part #: TXS1 WRX08-HYB
MSRP: This Item is no longer available.


TurboXS releases the first Hybrid Blow Off Valve designed specifically tuned for the 2008-2014 Subaru WRX or 2005-2009 Legacy GT. The valve features an innovative re-circulation and vent to atmosphere operation. It has been tuned to offer the best blend of vent to atmosphere and re-circulation without check engines lights, stumbling. Hybrid does reduce backfiring commonly associated with full vent to atmosphere Blow Off Valves, but it still can occur.

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Worth it!
phonetic8603450 3 years ago
Very easy to install! Added 4 washers to preload the spring before install. Bolted it on and adjusted the length of the vacuum hose, and that was that. It sounds great!! I've had it for a month or so, and never had a check engine light. Quiet when you need it to be, and hits that trademark blow off sound when you push it hard!!!
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Love the sound...!
Pedro_bante96802 3 years ago
I installed the Turbo XS BOV a couple of days ago... I have to say this is awesome!! The whoops sound is really nice! I was having some after fire between 1st and 2nd gear ( have a turbo back exhaust) and after I installed 4 washers everything is much better now... Just ordered the short shifter pack! Can't wait for them... RSD staff is great, they answer all my questions and my product arrived on schedule! Thanks!
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perfect bov
nedved980547 3 years ago
was looking for something that was to loud but with a high rev shift u here the swish sound makes my car sound even meaner and have heads turning which is always good thing
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gsxricky12744 3 years ago
Super easy install with no problems. All my sensors are fine with BOV vs. a non hybrid. I also have done some other mods including the Cobb AccessPort. May need to add a washer or two now, but that's because I upped my target boost.

wrmyx08 4 years ago
Great product! You really pay for what you get with this item. Now I know bov's aren't suppose to in crease boost but now I consistently gel 16 lbs of boost without any loss. Luvs it!!!


  • AnswerQ: noise  sniperchild00763623 2 years ago

    Dose this product actually enhance the noise that a blow off is supposed to do or is this just a replacement that looks fancy

    • A: This BOV is louder than stock and will have a sharper sound.

      Zach G. 2 years ago

    • A: While not as loud as our full vent-to-atmosphere blow off valve WRX08-RFL, this valve is significantly louder than the stock bypass valve.

      Mark@TurboXS 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Boost rating  jereylonge2607275 3 years ago

    How much boost is this BOV rated for?

    • A: There is no boost rating limit for this valve as long as your lines are hooked up correct.

      Kirill C. 3 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Backfiring  semperfidevil41154 3 years ago

    I just installed my bov and its backfiring, what can i do to fix that???? Thanks.

    • A: There is no fix, that is a result to having a valve that releases air to the atmosphere or even partial air to atmosphere.

      Kirill C. 3 years ago

  • AnswerQ: washers  Kodi_Brown 3 years ago

    How can i tell if the valve is closed at idle?

    • A: You can look at the piston movement through the side port to see if its opening or not from when the car is off to running.

      Kirill C. 3 years ago

  • AnswerQ: washers  Kodi_Brown 3 years ago

    how do i know how many washers to use?

    • A: There is no washers to vacuum ratio. its a trial and error process with this unit.

      Kirill C. 3 years ago