Tomei Fuel Pressure Gauge

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Brand: Tomei
Fuel Pressure Gauge Port Size: 1/8PT
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Universal Product This item is non application specific.
Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.

This liquid-filled, stainless steel body fuel pressure gauge is able to read between 0-100psi (0-7 Bar)and is designed to work with any regulator that has a 1/8 PT gauge port.



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A must with Tomei FPR
QT 8 months ago
This made it easy to dial in the correct fuel pressure. This is necessary to properly adjust the FPR before tuning. Also looks great under the hood. Overall, great piece and has been working for a year now, with no issue.
Verified Purchase
Tomei Fuel Pressure Gauge
wchafe62034 1 year ago
Works as advertised. There will probably be a bubble showing in the face when you get it. This bubble is easy to get rid of. There is a hole in the rim at the 100psi mark. Hold the gauge up so the 100psi mark is at the top and tilt it forward. The bubble will run up into the back of the gauge. If the bubble is very small it might not work becuase of the viscosity of the fluid. In that case tilt the gauge backwards to let the full bubble come out of the back of the gauge. Tilt it forward and the bubble will completely run back into the rear, out of sight. Note that it takes a while. As long as you don't tilt the gauge so that the 100 psi mark is near the top it will stay out of sight. I had a very large bubble and as you can see from the picture it is completely gone.

Great Gauge!
EKev122140380 1 year ago
Paired with the Tomei FPR, looks great, works great. Only issue is the rather large bubble that makes it slightly annoying to read the pressure.
Verified Purchase
Gauge works properly, but there are two key issues
flyboy999 2 years ago
Firstly, I tried to install this gauge without any Teflon plumber's tape on the threads, and it leaked terribly, no matter how hard I tightened it into the Fuel Pressure Regulator. It does not come with the tape on the threads, and it should. It was a Sunday, and all the stores in my small town are closed on Sundays, so I couldn't purchase any Teflon tape, which added to the annoyance. This item should be plug and play, period. Secondly, you will notice there is an air bubble in the gauge in the picture of the product. I didn't notice this, but guess what, it actually does come with an air bubble in it. The air bubble in mine was much larger than the one pictured, and it actually obscures the 40-60 psi range, which, of course, is exactly where you are wanting to set the pressure: 43.5 static on STi. I got around this by tightening the gauge to the point where it is now on an angle and the bubble obscures the 20-40 psi range. This, to me, is ridiculous. If you are going to make a gauge, make one that doesn't have an air bubble in it. Other than that, it works fine, but be prepared for these two issues. If you live in a small town where stores aren't open on Sundays, and installing parts on your car is a weekend hobby, make sure you have the Teflon tape purchased in advance.
Verified Purchase
Great Product.
RShih 3 years ago
Paired with Tomei FPR. Works flawlessly. Be sure to punch a hole on the rubber plug located back of the gauge to relieve pressure during operation or the plug will pop off.


  • AnswerQ: 1/8npt  dubaru 3 months ago

    is there an adapter that will allow this to work on an perrin fpr?

    • A: You will have to use a 1/8PT to 1/8NPT adapter.

      Nick S. 3 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Bubble  KornShaDoW097 1 year ago

    So I know gauges use glycerin. What kind of liquid or glycerin can be used to get rid of the dumb bubble?

    • A: We do not recommend eliminating the bubble in the gauge because it is there to allow for thermal expansion. If there is no air that can be compressed in the gauge, then there could be too much pressure in the gauge when it gets hot and it could expand to the point that it leaks.

      Zach G. 1 year ago