MSI DMS Motorsport Adjustable Front Upper Mounts

Part #: MSI DMS-MNT-SU-001
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Brand: MSI
Bearing Type: Pillow Ball
Camber Adjustable: Yes
Caster Adjustable: No
Material: Aluminum
Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
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These top mounts were developed with their sister company, DMS North America to fill a void in the current marketplace for a competitive, durable suspension mount that can be used in any condition and can be adjusted in a matter of seconds. They have developed these mounts for competition use, so it can be assured that no daily driven street car will ever exploit the limits of this part, and they even offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner (excluding normal wear and tear on the bearing). They are so confident in this product that the warranty even covers competition use.

Their complete line of top mounts, when possible use a unique locking mechanism that allows quick and easy adjustments that locks in place with one bolt. No longer do parts need to be clamped together. No longer is there a possibility of a “creeping” adjustment. The setting is precise and repeatable while minimizing any failure, deformation or deflection of the mount. If you add one position (hole) of adjustment on one side, this is the same is for the opposite side. No guessing or lining up lines. Count the holes and the settings will be equal. With this concept, it is much less likely that the customer will have a situation with stripped threads, or used reference points that are no longer legible.

All parts are made using state of the art 5-axis CNC machining out of T6-6061 aluminum, and use graphite impregnated bushings. The bolt holes are made from a technique called "thread forming" which is much superior to the typical cutting tap that others use. It creates a smooth thread that has no sharp points which means the chance of the adjustment bolts seizing and jamming on the burrs is significantly reduced.

These will fit the OEM front struts/shocks as well as any coilover that utilizes a M12x1.25 thread pitch for the top hat bolt. They will even work on shock assemblies that have an external reservoir.
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05 Sti w/ stock struts
Ak05wrb 6 months ago
Recently purchased these camber plates and once out of the box you can see the quality and precision these plates have, the install wasn't too bad but the instructions were more of a diagram, even though instructions weren't clear I found it quite easy to figure it all out. After the install I couldn't be happier although I completely changed my suspension setup so it's hard to pinpoint how much of a difference these make, haven't noticed an increase in nvh but everyone has a different tolerance. Overall I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for camber adjustable plates, just keep in mind that they do slightly raise the front of the vehicle. Thanks RSD! And moorseport!

06 STi /w KW V3's
the_man_14028683 1 year ago
Sits amazing on the V3's, they look fantastic and look very heavy duty. absolutely no instructions on direction of locking plate. talked to MSI and they will be looking into making better instructions. (Anything would be better than what they have, its basically a picture of the plate assembly, no reference points included) and very confusing to set up properly. (that might just be me)... when installing, be sure to tighten cap screws fully before putting them on the vehicle, and you need to remove the locking plate in order to fit through strut tower opening, but still overall a great item. oh and the whole Thread Formingthing could use some work, more burs on the thread than I've ever seen on any product. but again, still went in fine


  • AnswerQ: Stock strut with RCE Black springs compatibility  06AWSTI 6 months ago

    Hello, Will MSI DMS Motorsports plates fit STOCK STI front struts with RCE Black springs? Thanks! Victor

    • A: These will fit OEM struts and any aftermarket OEM fit spring like the RCE Black springs.

      Nick S. 6 months ago

  • AnswerQ: KW Racecomp Tarmac II Compatibility / Motorsports vs Street plates  noTe 9 months ago

    Two questions. 1) Will these fit on KW Racecomp Engineering Tarmac II coilovers for a GC8? 2) What are the differences between MSI DMS Motorsports plates compared to the MSI Street plates? I'm looking at these for a road course build. Thank you!

    • A: These mounts will fit KW coilovers on a GC8, however you may need the MSI M14x1.5 tube nuts, depending on the size and thread pitch of the coilover top hat threads. Motorsport mounts will raise the car 16mm instead of 10mm, they have a better bearing, stainless steel hardware, and finer adjustment per position (.2 instead of .29deg).

      Zach G. 8 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Camber Settings  William Muller 9 months ago

    What is the max negative camber you can run when using these Upper Mounts?

    • A: It varies on ride height, position of mounts installed, and of course, the type of shocks used. We have seen as high as -4.7, and as low as -2.9. About 90% of vehicles fall in the -3.5 range according to MSI.

      Spencer H. 9 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Caster increased?  ikseetep655 10 months ago

    I see that these don't have adjustable caster, but do they increase the caster? If they increase caster, what is a reasonable caster to expect with these? Thanks.

    • A: You can actually install the mounts orientated to adjust caster and camber simultaneously. This is not an INDEPENDENT adjustment however. The amount of caster gain you get is determined on how you install the mounts, as well as the suspension arms you are using, and model year of car. Rear DSS kit or ALF kit will affect the amount of caster you get as well. Typically between 1 and 2 degrees is the range of increased caster you can get over an above your OE baseline.

      sales55a75a6bbb8641ca4b8b7bb7 10 months ago

    • A: No, these will not offer any caster adjustment.

      Spencer H. 10 months ago

  • AnswerQ: KW Variant 3's?  streakeagle200094394 1 year ago

    Will these work with KW Variant 3's on a BRZ? I'm not sure of the bolt size on the KW.

    • A: These will fit your KW Variant 3's. They use a M12x1.25.

      Kyle A. 1 year ago