Moroso Oil Pickup Tube for OEM Pans

Part #: MOR 24965
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Brand: Moroso
Installation Hardware Included: No
Material: Aluminum
OEM Replacement: Yes
Mfgr. Warranty: 90 Days
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Behind the scenes, Moroso is constantly working on different products to fill specific needs in the marketplace; this is an example of a previously custom-made product, which has now become a production part number.

The OEM pickup tube has been known to crack and fail which leads to motor failures. This Moroso piece eliminates that concern. They found the weak spots in the OEM piece and fixed the problems. This oil pickup has thicker tubing, thicker flanges and better welds. Bolts up just like stock and includes a new o-ring.

For use with cars using a stock oil pan/pickup assembly.




Solid part...don't be put off by old forum reviews of this pickup!
Aramis 7 months ago
I was gonna pass on this part since I saw old forum reviews + pics of a thin flange, incomplete welds, and a paper gasket. But I saw the pickup has been redesigned and the new version is SOLID. Very heavy gauge sheet metal and solid, clean welds. Has a very thick flange and comes with a new o-ring. Fits great. Yes, the oil pan removal and replacement is a pain, but the install of the pickup itself was a breeze. Great price too.
Verified Purchase
Awesome Product Very Sturdy
ianyouvan63602 2 years ago
I did this install at home without lifting the engine, i hated myself for about 2 hrs. Would recommend paying someone to do this swap for them..
Verified Purchase
Worth it
draco47576 3 years ago
This product, as with every other review you will read is significantly larger and better designed than the stock pickup. And honestly, so long as you have a lift to work under the install isn't nearly as bad. I didn't have to jack the engine up at all. You really just need two people, one to hold a flash light and the other to do the wrenching. 1/4 drive with a universal can get to the back bolts. To be honest the biggest pain may have been the reinstallation of the oil pan when mated with the oil dip stick tube. They didn't want to cooperate very well, so I had to loosen the bolts in the pickup tube, reinsert the dip stick tube into the oil pan. My friend then held the pan while i retightened the bolts on the tube, and then pushed the pan back up to secure it to the engine. All in all this product was well worth the time and effort to install. Definitely recommend it. Total install time was about 5 hours with lift.
Verified Purchase
oil pick-up
cbazq27146923 3 years ago
I was already under the motor changing the motor mounts, so I figured I would swap out the oil pick-up as well. I hear all the stories of cracked factory oil pick-ups and thought this would be a smart upgrade as long as I was already lifting up the motor. This pick-up is alot stronger built then the factory one. My factory one was not cracked, but I am glad I still swapped it out for the peice of mind. If yours is cracked or you want to upgrade to be safe , this pick-up is great. Super easy to swap also.
Verified Purchase
Well built!
battlefield220041439 4 years ago
I bought this because i thought it would be a great way to keep my car safe, and sure enough, my factory oil pickup showed signs of Fractures. its a Pain to install, but it was well worth it! Keep ur motor safe and get one!


  • AnswerQ: Version 9 STI  chrispy bacon 1 year ago

    I have a Ver 9 2.0L STI engine. Not sure if I need the 2.5L pick tube or the 2.0L pick up tube. Thanks

    • A: You will use the 2.0L pick up tube unless you have the 2.5L pan.

      Spencer H. 1 year ago

    • A: Yes Scott is correct, the 20965 only fits with a USDM 2.5L pan either WRX or STi. We will have a new pickup to fit with USDM 2.0L oil pans here in a few weeks the part # is 24964.

      Moroso Performance 1 year ago

  • AnswerQ: Same as the one in MOR 20968  Kappzilla 2 years ago

    Is this the same pick up as the one in the MOR 20968? I see here is says for OEM pans. It looks a little different in the pictures here.

    • A: No it is not, the depth is different. Same design, different depth dimensions, the 24965 is about a .5 shorter.

      Moroso Performance 2 years ago

    • A: No it is not, the depth is different. Same design, different depth dimensions, the 24965 is about a .5 shorter.

      Moroso Performance 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Work with Killer B  Kappzilla 2 years ago

    Can this be used with the Killer B Aluminum oil pan by any chance?

    • A: This should work fine since the Killer B pan is compatible with the stock pickup, but we cannot confirm fitment on products that have not been tested together.

      Nick S. 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Time for install by professional?  nickgordon11172309 2 years ago

    Can this be installed buy just removing the oil pan on an 05 Legacy GT? How long would a professional take to install this roughly?

    • A: No, however it is possible to install the Moroso heavy duty pickup tube while the engine is still in the vehicle. You will need to loosen the motor and transmission mounts and pull the engine upwards a few inches to remove the oil pan. This is not a do at home in your driveway install, if you have any doubts in doing this I would have it done at a shop or dealership.

      Moroso Performance 2 years ago

    • A: Yes all that is required is the stock oil pan to be removed to install this new pick up. Install time I would say is around 1-2hrs for a shop to do. However the silicone that is used to seal the pan takes up to 24hrs to cure correctly.

      Kirill C. 2 years ago