Kartboy 15MM Black Exhaust Hanger Long

Part #: KAR KB-011-15MMXL
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Brand: Kartboy
Hanger Hole Distance: 60mm
Hanger Hole ID: 15mm
QTY: 1
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If you had just upgraded your exhaust system, or are just tired of your factory exhaust systems swaying from side to side, then the Kartboy 15mm exhaust hangers will completely eliminate this problem. The Kartboy 15mm exhaust hangers are made out of robust polyurethane that will last a much longer life over the factory exhaust hangers.

These are computer designed, and analyzed to allow very little movement while retaining the stock location.

Please note that the 15mm Kartboy hangers will fit all Subaru vehicles from 1996-2007 EXCEPT for the Legacy GT. This product may fit other vehicles as well. They will fit a 15mm exhaust hanger, they measure 55mm in length from center hanger to center hanger. These are also 25mm thick. 

Also these Kartboy LONG hangers are hangers that hang down further than the standard length hangers. These are ideal for those of you with an aftermarket rear bumper, or simply want to create more distance between the exhaust tip and bumper.

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Great product
Medportillo30875 4 months ago
I use these on my Perrin exhaust and It was very difficult to fit the exhaust to hook on the hangers. The hangers fit perfectly on the body of the car. I say bring a friend to help and get ready to work out your fingers. Oh and use lots of lube to make the hangers slide in easier.
Verified Purchase
length is long
teetrinh 9 months ago
My axleback was rubbing against my bumper with the stock hangers and with these hangers I'm no longer having rubbing issues.
Verified Purchase
Amazing !
Arpent 1 year ago
I had bought a catback exhuast for my 07 wrx wagon. I had it on for about a week, and every time I hit a small bump or went around a turn, I would here this loud rattle. I check undered the car, the exhuast hanger was rubbing on the sway bar. So I bought these hangers, and they give it enough clearence, with no more issues. Excellent product!! Would recommend
Verified Purchase
perfect fit, great product
RaceWagon650 1 year ago
If your exhaust hangs too close to your bumper or if you have a rear lip, then these exhaust hangers are must buy. They are stiff and allow your exhaust to hang a bit lower. Kartboy made another great product
Verified Purchase
Great hangers
hrvelez 1 year ago
Used for a Sti exhaust on a 2007 Forester xt to separate a little from the bumper,nice and firm fitment.


  • AnswerQ: Clear rear differential cover   6 days ago

    Will these hangers make it so my exhaust will clear the rear differential cover? I had an old catback that rubbed a lot on it and caused a horrible sound. Would these work to fix this? Or should I use shorter/longer ones?

    • A: These hangers will give you more clearance than the stock or stock length hangers. It should fix your issue, but depends greatly on the clearance of the catback itself.

      Josh P. 5 days ago

  • AnswerQ: Fujitsubo  EvenTheScore 3 months ago

    Will these be too long or not long enough for a fujitsubo power getter exhaust to be installed on a 2004 wrx wagon? I know it's known to be a bulky echaust...

    • A: These hangers will typically drop the exhaust 1in lower from the factory hangers.

      Brady R. 2 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Fitmet  Connor5 3 months ago

    I have an invidia N1 street catback and im getting some rattaling, will these hangers drop my catback enough to stop the rattling, and if so how low because i dont want it hanging so low it will scrape?

    • A: We do not have the ability to confirm what is contacting the exhaust based on your description. We recommend finding the fitment issue and see if these may space out the exhaust enough to clear. These will be about 30mm lower than stock.

      Nick S. 3 months ago

  • AnswerQ: quantity  ckbeep 2 years ago

    I will need to order 4 of these to replace all the oem ones correct? Or is othere a package that comes with them all in it?

    • A: There is no package for these as they are sold individually.

      Kyle A. 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: hanger length recommendation  acekc83 3 years ago

    Hi. I am looking at getting an invidia dp with the q300 cbe. Should I order the standard length hangers or the longer ones? I don't want to have an issue with rattle. Thanks!

    • A: The standard length hangers are very similar in length to your OEM hangers but much stiffer. We are running the OEM hangers on our shop car with the Invidia Q300 catback exhaust. I recommend sizing the catback up while using the OEM hangers then making the decision. Thanks.

      Sterling W. 3 years ago