Kartboy Short Shifter and Bushing Combo

Part #: KAR KB-002-LEG-WRX08
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Kartboy Short Throw Shifter Instock
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Kartboy Shifter Bushings Instock
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Kartboy Rear Shifter Bushing Instock
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Brand: Kartboy
Adjustable: No
Bushings Included: Yes
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
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This is a great way to save some money by purchasing the short shifter and the bushings as a combo. Rest assured you will fully restore the shift feel with the new bushings, you will also improve the shift throw by up to 40%.  This combination includes the standard shifter bushing replacements, but also the rear bushing along with the short shifter. The Kartboy bushings are made out of a strong lasting urethane to replace your factory soft bushings.

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Quick and Smooth
mroux18434 3 months ago
The short shifter cut the throws down the perfect amount and has made the 1st to 2nd high RPM shift very smooth. Install was straightforward with the only snag being the removal of the ring clip on the end joint of the stock shifter. Bushings were more difficult to install but helped to firm up the throws even more. Would recommend buying some automotive grease to apply when installing new short throw instead of using leftover grease from stock shifter.

Exactly what i was looking for.
flyingtar 3 months ago
To be honest, i wanted a short shifter. I wanted the improved shifting speed/feel of the shifter with the harder bushings. I didn't want an adjustable one, because I know i would spend countless hours adjusting and testing. Not saying thats a bad thing. Anywhoo... Great shifter, drops the height by about half an inch, maybe slightly more. Lowers the shift difference by about half the throw. With the addition of the harder bushings the shift feels much better more precise. quick tip if your going to buy this. The install can be done primarily from the inside of the car. Don't go through with removing the trans support mount, just undo both the rear bushing and the front bushing. Pull it all out through the top when you pull the shifter itself. Install in reverse order.

J_Pipe 3 months ago
I hated how far I had to throw the shifter in my 2013 WRX from the day I got it. I decided to get this and have no regrets. I don't really think I needed the bushings, but I have gotten used to them at this point. If you don't have an exhaust or listen to your music loud, you may not like the extra noise that the bushings make but you should still get the SS.

Exactly what i was looking for
flyingtar 4 months ago
I was looking for a shifter that would shorten my throw without dropping the hight dramatically. This did exactly that. For my 11 scubie, the hight difference is about half an inch, not that big of deal. But with the new bushings and the shorter throw. Everything is much more precise. The only thing i recommend is that you apply a little grease to the boot around the top of the gear stick. The increased hight of the short shifter makes it rub slightly. (it makes a squeaking noise if not greased.

Great bang for the buck
Aramis 5 months ago
I upgraded from a factory STS to this combo on my 2012 WRX. Install was pretty straightforward except for the rear bushing. It's pretty hard to get the bolts to thread in straight since the bushing holes seem just a bit too close together. Use lots of grease so nothing squeaks or creaks once you're done. Shifter feels GREAT now, I'm noticing the vagueness is gone from 5th gear and the gear positions are very positive. Knob isn't too low and the shift boot looks just fine. Very happy with this.


  • AnswerQ: 2011 2.5i  ssssssantimonio 6 months ago

    How come this doesnt fit the 2011 2.5i ?

    • A: The manufacturer does not confirm this product to fit the 2011 2.5i and we have never had the opportunity to test fit.

      Nick S. 6 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Australian Fitment  vardyryan 1 year ago

    Will this fit the Australian model 2011 WRX?

    • A: We can only confirm fitment for USDM model cars.

      Kyle A. 1 year ago

  • AnswerQ: Factory Short Throw  captain_boost 1 year ago

    Will this work with the Factory Short Throw

    • A: This will work with factory shifter.

      Kyle A. 1 year ago

  • AnswerQ: Stock gear?  Keean04 2 years ago

    can i use the stock boot and shift knob? since there is no leather boot for the short throw

    • A: Yes, you will be able to use those factory parts, the boot will just hang a little bit lower than usual.

      Spencer H. 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Compatible with 2014 Outback?  Erikhoff93 2 years ago

    I've seen that many of these can be out in older models of the Outback. Would it be possible to install this into a 2014, 2.5i Outback?

    • A: Unfortunate we have not done any test on your application vehicle to check for fitment. As a result we are not able to confirm fitment.

      Kirill C. 2 years ago