GrimmSpeed Boost Solenoid

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Brand: Grimmspeed
Adjustable: Yes
Color: Black
Number of Ports: 3
OEM Replacement: Yes
QTY: 1
Tuning Required: Yes
Mfgr. Warranty: 2 Year
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Subaru Legacy
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This 3-Port boost solenoid is a great means of tuning your boost curve through the ECU. For those of you who upgraded your downpipe, this is a great means to control boost through tuning so you’re not running max boost levels from lower to upper RPM ranges.  With the 3-Port boost controller, you can safely tune your boost levels at the max-safe levels throughout your power band.

This 3-Port boost controller can get into boost sooner than most comparable units. It is also plug and play for OEM harness which means no modifying the wiring. It comes with a provided bracket  to make for a clean installation, and works well with your Subaru factory ECU.

Full Features:
* Direct plug and play into oem wiring.
* MAC completely custom made valve
* Users can use AN fittings with the solenoid.
* Mounting bracket so it's a direct bolt on into factory location.
* Low-profile brass hose fittings(small in size so its compact).
* Specifically designed by GrimmSpeed to work safely with the factory Subaru ECU (requires tuning) and to reliably handle the vibrations and temperatures of your engine bay!
* The only direct "bolt in" design for all Subaru models. Direct bolt in mounting bracket and hardware included!
* Includes plug and play harness, no wire splicing required and easy to return to stock.
* Allows you to raise the factory boost levels with adding more response and more control.
* Allows you to get full boost sooner.
* Faster response and greater flow than any other valve out there. (by more than 10%!)
* Nickel plated brass fittings. (unlike the competitors failure prone plastic fittings)

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Verified Purchase
just wonderfull
malleee 3 months ago
works excellent product and a great buy.

Good but not amazing
Jardo 6 months ago
Got this boost controller for my fairly stock '11 WRX. Did the trick so happy from that point of view. Then got the GFB boost controller and was blown away. So much better controlling boost inside the car as you need. If I could go back I would have just spent the extra cash and got the GFB first.

michael.sutphen61953 6 months ago
After install and proper tune I noticed my car gets on full boost sooner and holds it steady until it tapers toward redline. Huge improvement over the stock bleed system.

Must have.
DSC4WRX 7 months ago
This is a great replacement for the OEM. Makes boosting at all levels more consistent.

dsfi1064061 10 months ago
Holds boost, no creep. Easy install. I make full boost at 3100 3200 area with it.


  • AnswerQ: GBS  ward001 15 days ago

    I have wrx 2013 stage 2 I always over boost my soleniod..question is if GBS will fix it and do I need to go to pro tune to tune it or I can do it by myself w/ Cobb accessport?and what maps?

    • A: While this will certainly help prevent overboosting, you are likely experiencing boosting issues due to your stock internal wastegate. The only way to completely negate boosting issues like that is to install an external wastegate setup. You will need a protune for this solenoid.

      Josh P. 13 days ago

  • AnswerQ: Safe?  mv6275 11 months ago

    If I get this EBC and install it on my vehicle (stock 2013 WRX) Would it run safely or would the engine blow from running to lean? I plan on getting a tune later on.

    • A: Hello, This part requires tuning immediately after installation. Mike

      sales559bb8b6bb86418e5b8c258d 11 months ago

    • A: You must have a tune to run this solenoid safely.

      Josh P. 11 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Cobb tune  David WRX 1 year ago

    I have a 13 wrx and a boosting problem so i had to run a SLWG tune form cobb to fix it. some ppl say it is a EBS problem. so could i use the cobb tunes with this or do i need to pro tune it?

    • A: I would recommend a pro tune for best results. Mike

      sales559bb8b6bb86418e5b8c258d 1 year ago

    • A: The Cobb off the shelf maps will not work with this EBCS because the calibrations are slightly different. This EBCS requires a custom tune.

      Zach G. 1 year ago

  • AnswerQ: WRX Bracket  lawrenceon8766690 1 year ago

    Is there any way to receive the bracket that was meant for the 2012 wrx? I'm a bit particular and the only thing holding me back from ordering from you guys is the bracket.

    • A: Grimmspeed has redesigned the bracket and the WRX and Legacy now use the same bracket. The older bracket is no longer available.

      Zach G. 1 year ago