Exedy Stage 1 Heavy Duty Organic Disc Clutch Kit

Part #: EXE 15803HD
MSRP: $817.01
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Brand: Exedy
Alignment Tool Included: Yes
Clamp Load Increase: Not supplied
Disc Material: Organic
Disc Style: Sprung Hub
Disc Type: Disc
Flywheel Included: No
Pilot Bearing Included: Yes
Pressure Plate Style: Pull
SFI Approved: Yes
Throwout Bearing Included: Yes
Torque Capacity: 472 ft/lbs at the wheels
Mfgr. Warranty: 90 Days
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Subaru Impreza
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Subaru WRX STI
Base 2015

EXEDY organic racing clutches only use premium friction materials that are resistant to slippage and burst. Increased clamp loads give the necessary capacity to handle higher power outputs.

This is the preferred clutch for street and light horsepower track use. Drivability is similar to the stock clutch. Pedal efforts will be slightly higher because of the higher clamp loads that the pressure plate provides. All Exedy clutch discs have spring center dampers to reduce drivetrain shock.

The Heavy Duty clutch has a higher clamping load compared to the normal Stage 1 clutches.

Kit includes clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bearing and alignment tool.

REVIEWS ( 12 )



Heavy, stiff pedal, quiet but bad TOB
Kenny 1 day ago
This was the clutch that came with the car when I bought it. It has a very heavy stiff pedal feel to it due to the heavy duty pressure plate. You do however, get use to it with time. Traffic was not it's friend and it was great when you wanted to go fast. Sadly, with about 5000 miles on it, the throw out bearing failed and I replaced it with an ACT HDSS. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the TOB failure. Exedy makes quality parts that are from Japan, but for some reason their TOB is not OEM Japanese quality. I do recommend this clutch if you are looking to make somewhere in the 450 ft-lbs of torque range, but make sure you pair this with a OEM Subaru TOB and pilot bearing.

Exedly what your looking for
Dust.dj 7 months ago
First, this is a great clutch! Exactly what I was looking for. After the break in mileage, even during, this clutch felt and acted exactly as Exedy said. Grabs real tight in the high RPM shifts, smooth in the low RPM daily driving, and feels like good engineering with every shift inbetween. Well done Exedy! Thanks for the quick shipping RSD and the site in which to pick up such a great clutch.

HOOAH 10 months ago
First 600-800km's was extremely dreadful as the clutch was insanely stiff. Once you break in the clutch it is simply amazing and nicer feeling than OEM. Holds the power well.

Great, but harsh during break-in
alarmedmutant 11 months ago
When I installed this clutch, I also installed the Exedy lightweight flywheel and the STI trans mount. All three combined in a perfect trifecta of intense judder, noise, burning clutch smell, and panic. It was bad enough that in the first 5 minutes of driving I was positive that I had installed something very wrong. I believe that since I lightened the rotating mass and had a harder pedal feel and had a stickier clutch (compared to the stock clutch that I fried) that the vibration was magnified that much more. However, after driving it for a couple hundred miles it improved greatly. It is still a little difficult to drive in traffic, but it is bearable. I am out of the country for a while, so I have not put the required break-in mileage on the car. I can't give it four stars because I haven't driven it long enough to be sure. I would definitely recommend this and the lightweight flywheel.
Verified Purchase
Very Nice
Jeremy1158 1 year ago
This is a very nice high quality clutch and I am glad I purchased it; however, the break-in period is no joke. It will take every bit of the 500 mile break-in before this thing starts feeling comfortable. It is HEAVY on the pedal, especially for that first 300 miles. It wants to chatter and doesn't like going slow AT ALL. But, all that said, once break-in is complete it feels great. I was literally at about 480 miles city driving before it felt like it belonged on the car, now I am at 1,600 and I really love it.


  • AnswerQ: E-85   maharsheepatel1711301 6 months ago

    I plan on going e-85 and I currently have this clutch and I know it says it will handle 472 torque at the wheels but I was told it would start slipping after a few months or so. Is that true? And I will only be running about 420-430 torque at the wheels.

    • A: The clutch is rated at 472 ft/lbs at the Wheels and should work fine with the power levels you are at.

      6 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Suitable for stock 2005 STI?  moisesmunoz3005063 6 months ago

    The clutch on my 2005 STI is slipping really bad. Is this a good replacement I'm all stock.

    • A: The standard organic disc may be a bit better unless you have plans for higher horsepower in the future. The Heavy Duty Stage 1 has a heavier pressure plate making pedal feel much stiffer.

      Nick S. 6 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Suitable for TBE+protuned 2005 sti?  225STI 11 months ago

    I'm currently stock. 2004 sti, I plan on getting pro-tunned with a intake & turbo back so would this clutch be ideal considering the soon to be power gain?

    • A: Yes, this would be a good upgrade from stock to handle the added power. This clutch is rated for 472 ft/lbs TQ at the wheel

      Brady R. 11 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Launching at 5k RPM  HOOAH 12 months ago

    I've read that this clutch can do damage to transmission if I do hard launches at 5k rpm. Is this true?

    • A: It is not the clutch that does damage, it is the harsh engagement that you are causing when you do that, that is what will cause the damage. You should not dump the clutch at that high rpms.

      Kyle A. 12 months ago

  • AnswerQ: good buy?  sti23 1 year ago

    I have a completely stock 11 sti, would this be a good buy for me? my current stock clutch is starting to go.

    • A: This clutch would be very aggressive for stock power levels. You might consider going with the Exedy Organic disk. Part# EXE 15803

      1 year ago