DeatschWerks DW200 Series Fuel Pump w/ Install Kit

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Brand: DeatschWerks
Adjustable: No
Fuel Flow: 255lph
Install Kit Included: Yes
Mfgr. Warranty: 3 Years
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The DeatschWerks D200 kit is a great way to make sure that you have proper fuel delivery to your injectors, and making sure you have proper fuel delivery is an imperative modification that is needed when running more boost, and more power through your motor.

This fuel pump kit is E85 friendly, and is a direct replacement of your OEM unit. This kit comes complete with everything needed for a direct installation. This includes the fuel pump, filter kit, mounting grommet, hose, clamps, and finally a wiring harness.

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I like...But!/ '05 STI
AvSti 3 months ago
So far so good! Installing it was a little difficult but not all that bad. That little rubber piece that sits under the DW fuel pump is a bit too thick so the pump and filter are almost touching, like paper thick from each other. You will have to cut the hose that comes with it to the right length or you can use your old hose whatever tickles your pickle. New is always better But so far so good, shipping is superb as always.

Not A Great Impression!
Subooboo 4 months ago
Well i bought this from RSD they ship fast thanks! The pump i put in my 02 bug eye fit well only very easy to install went to start my car. The car rotated but would not fire up. Turns out it was the pump that it did not work. Will not be buying that brand anymore.

Worth it!!!
Compass Motorsports 4 months ago
Installed this on my 2000 Impreza RS. The install it's self was very easy. Everything matched the OEM measurements. The car is much more responsive now and you can definitely feel the increase in power and torque. No problems what-so-ever.

Fuel pump upgrade
cjbiggs 5 months ago
Easy install and works great with my VF39 turbo upgrade.

DW200 2004 Subaru STI
JeyMT 9 months ago
Shipping was 3 days, not bad for groung USPS. So me and my buddy installed the fuel pump as a replacement, it was somewhat an annoyance, but in all it took us over an hour. We had to cut the hose provided so that the pump will fit, and also the rubber mount on the bottom where the strainer is was a PITA to hold together, we were thinking about bending the end of the assembly, but in all we were able to get it. I also have the problem that the provided wire/cable was shorter so we used the OEM one anyway. Primed 5 times before firing up, first 2 primes you can really hear the pump doing it's thing and slurping the gasoline up. Then it starts to silent down. Drove around running errands afterwards. WOT no problems, hopefully this will last me another 100k miles. My car is not heavily modded, just a well maintained bone-stock engine with a catback exhaust for aesthetic purposes.


  • AnswerQ: stock?  STI dude 7 months ago

    I have an 06 sti with the cobb v3 could I run this pump to get some extra power?

    • A: A fuel pump does not add power, a fuel pump will allow you to run more power safely but it is not required at Stage 2.

      Nick S. 7 months ago

  • AnswerQ: support?  CG_sti 8 months ago

    would this fuel pump be able to support DW 1000cc injectors and a gt3582r .62a/ror ould he dw300 be a better set up?

    • A: This pump is generally able to support the 1000cc injectors but if you are looking to run a more demanding fuel like E85 you may have to go larger for both injector and pump.

      Nick S. 8 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Filter?  JeyMT 9 months ago

    Does this require a seperate purchase of a fuel filter?

    • A: The fuel sock that attaches to the bottom of the pump is included with this pump and it does not need to be purchased separately. It is not required to change the fuel filter.

      Zach G. 9 months ago

    • A: The fuel pump pre-filter sock is included in the installation kit.

      Chris@DeatschWerks 9 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Tune?  Whittlesey21 2 years ago

    Is a tune required when installed on a lightly modded 07 wrx?

    • A: Tuning is not required for a fuel pump.

      Zach G. 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Dw200   countrywild 2 years ago

    I know that a tune will give me full potential of this product but would I be able to install this pump and drive with out a fun right away

    • A: A tune is not necessary when installing a fuel pump and a tune will not give you any advantages with a fuel pump alone.

      Nick S. 2 years ago