COBB Tuning Adjustable Turbo Wastegate Bracket

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Brand: COBB Tuning
Adjustable: Yes
Color: Black
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The COBB Tuning Adjustable IWG Bracket is the first of its kind, and the most versatile and reliable way to keep a turbocharger’s internal wastegate closed when using an external wastegate setup. The Adjustable IWG Bracket can be installed quickly, adjusted for perfect fitment on many different turbos, and can be removed just as easily to return a turbo to its original configuration.

The COBB Adjustable IWG Bracket replaces the internal wastegate actuator and locks the wastegate in a fully closed position. This is a superior solution to welding the wastegate door closed, which is a time-consuming, expensive and irreversible process. The COBB Adjustable IWG Bracket is easy to install and bolts into place and adjusts quickly using simple hand tools.

Not all turbos are made exactly the same, and there can be variations in housings, center cartridges, clocking, etc. A single position internal wastegate bracket may not accommodate these variations and fail to close the wastegate completely, which will result in poor turbo response and lower maximum boost. The COBB Adjustable IWG Bracket takes the worry of turbo-component variance out of the equation and allows proper adjustment, every time, on a variety of different turbos that a non-adjustable internal wastegate bracket simply cannot match.

The COBB Adjustable IWG Bracket’s advantage lies in its unique adjustable rod-end linkage. The turnbuckle center section features right-hand and left-hand threads to make adjustment as easy as rotating it one direction or the other to shorten or lengthen it. The rod-end linkage and through-bolt allow high misalignment for maximum adjustability. The bracket itself is made from a single piece of 11-Gauge steel and incorporates slotted bolt holes for additional adjustability and turbo compatibility. The custom spade-bolt that connects to the wastegate arm, the bracket, and the turnbuckle are black zinc coated for an attractive finish that is corrosion resistant. All hardware for install is included in this kit.

The COBB Tuning Adjustable IWG Bracket offers maximum turbo compatibility, simple installation and is easily adjustable to ensure complete wastegate closure to get the maximum performance from your specific setup.

Also fits the following turbos:
APS - SR20
Blouch - 20g, 20g-XT, 20g-XTR, Dominator 1.5, Dominator 3.0R
BorgWarner - K04
Forced Performance - FP Green (old style)
Garrett - All T25 Flanged internally gated turbos
IHI - VF39, VF43 - 18G
Mitsubishi - TD04
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Easy Install
kd7jmy34211 5 months ago
This product was an easy install on my 07 STi. I liked the build quality of the part, no ruff edges or any blemishes are visible simple install. It Just works!
Verified Purchase
Works great
bigbeezy20940383 1 year ago
i installed this on my 06 sti running a dominator 1.5 xtr... works awesome!...
Verified Purchase
great product
wrxlover 2 years ago
i ordered this for a tomioka 18g i love its adjustability and the fact you can get it work on pretty much any turbo looks sleek and nice works perfect
Verified Purchase
Works like a champ.
madcow6966768 2 years ago
Installed this on a td06 20g. Was a bit skeptical at first because I was afraid it could rattle loose and cause the internal wastegate to be slightly open. But it hasn't yet. I used red loctite on the screws just to be sure.
Verified Purchase
The first to do it...
Gordo_sti 3 years ago
I installed this bracket in the AMR CXR 750. They told me it has never been done so.... I did it. The only thing i added was washers to be equivalent to the AMR wastegate actuator bracket being that the Cobb bracket to the turbo is thin


  • AnswerQ: Blouch 18g xtr  Mpatton.185740 4 months ago

    hey will this fit on my Blouch 18g xtr turbo?

    • A: This is universal and is likely to fit, but we have not tested it.

      Nick S. 4 months ago

  • AnswerQ: 08+  javanthompson46998 8 months ago

    Will this work with an 08+ style Wrx compressor housing on a TD04?

    • A: This is adjustable to most turbochargers but being relatively universal the bracket may require alterations.

      Nick S. 8 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Tdo4?   WolfOfRallySport 10 months ago

    Would this bracket work with the stock tdo4 on a 2005 wrx?

    • A: This bracket is confirmed to fit the stock TD04 from 2002-2005 WRX models.

      Zach G. 10 months ago

  • AnswerQ: blouch 16g xt?  Snack_masta 2 years ago

    would this fit the 16g xt?

    • A: Being adjustable this can fit a wide range of turbochargers and I do not believe you should have an issue adjusting it to fit the 16GXT, although we cannot guarantee it as it is not approved by the manufacturer for it.

      Nick S. 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Will it fit a Dominator 3.0XT-R?  tuxtattoo 3 years ago

    I just bought a Dominator 3.0XT-R from RSD and have been hunting high and low for a IWG bracket for it so I don't have to weld it shut. The listing says it will fit a Dominator 3.0R, but will it also fit a Dominator 3.0XT-R (10cm hot side)? PLEASE oh please let it fit. Pretty please with a turbo on top?

    • A: Cobb has not confirmed fitment on the Dominator 3.0XT-R at this time. Thank you!

      Sterling W. 3 years ago

    • A: This fit on my Dom4.0 XTR with zero issues

      guest55c52e91caae52790b8c6cc9 2 years ago