COBB Tuning Shifter Bushings

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Brand: COBB Tuning
Bushing Location: Front Linkage
Material: Urethane
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
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The popular COBB Subaru 5-Speed Shifter Bushing kit is a direct replacement the soft rubber bushing found at the anchor point of your shifter assembly. This upgraded bushing greatly improves the feel of the shifter by eliminating side-to-side compliance (slop) found in the stock shifter mechanism caused by soft rubber bushings. This bushing is made from 95A durometer urethane and comes with everything needed for an easy installation with simple hand tools.

Made in the USA.

REVIEWS ( 27 )


Verified Purchase
Nice product
iammorganthomas45392 1 year ago
Installed both the front and rear at the same time. A lot stiffer now but some increased cabin noise due to the increased stiffness of the bushing now not allowing as much sound vibration reduction.
Verified Purchase
Improved shifter feel
JDM_SKYLINE30277 1 year ago
This was very easy to install compare to the rear shifter bushing. Shifter feels more solid now.
Verified Purchase
Easy install. Great results
vought3066230 1 year ago
Straight forward install, just follow the provided instructions. Shifting went from sloppy and cumbersome to crisp and thoughtless. My wife was learning to drive a manual and the before and after feel for her was quite noticeable. No searching for the gears at all after the install. Also installed the rear bushing.
Verified Purchase
This can be tough
blurple91321 2 years ago
Make sure you disconnect your shifter whether short or stock. You can get pissed off and frustration like me trying to pry it out with a flat head under the car, being 6'6 it wasnt fun. BUT this is a key to get the stock bushing out. It took me maybe 3 minutes. Use the stud it comes off of and push the bushing against the stud and the rubber lip. Be patience and push at different point and it will pop. Bushing really help with any play compared to stcok.
Verified Purchase
Put a smile on my face!
Bugeye 2 years ago
The bushings on my 02 were really worn-out so when I replaced these the difference was night and day. Really easy install, especially if you do the trans mount at the same time. With the trans cross member removed, its much easier to get in there for the install. This product eliminated almost all the slop in the shifter. Im looking into a tic 5mt shift linkage to complete everything. Overall excellent upgrade at a fair price!