ACT StreetLite Flywheel

Part #: ACT 600235
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Brand: ACT
SFI Approved: Yes
Weight: 15.0lbs
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
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Subaru WRX STI
Base 2015

ACT StreetLite Flywheels have been designed and engineered to be lighter, stronger, and provide more performance compared to the stock cast flywheels. These have been crafted from chomoly steel, and CNC machined, as well as dynamically computer balanced for super smooth high RPM reliability.

The ACT StreetLite flywheel weighs in at 15.0 lbs, which will reduce rotational mass at the crankshaft. This results in less strain on the motor, which means faster throttle response and better overall performance.  Recommended for street use

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REVIEWS ( 12 )


Verified Purchase
pronghorn67 5 days ago
This could become my favorite mod! Replaced along with my clutch this week - Car feels a little quicker revving, but the biggest difference is on deceleration - very, very smooth; no jerking or hesitating or stumbling. If replacing your clutch, do yourself a favor and get this as well.
Verified Purchase
Also installed with Competition Clutch Stage 2
geoffrey97817 1 year ago
My '05 STi is running smoother than ever with this combo installed. Engine revs up nice and quick. Didn't notice any noise whatsoever.
Verified Purchase
nemesis_g1766753 2 years ago
Excellent product and no codes thrown!

Installed along with Competition Clutch Stage 2
CoryLuLu 2 years ago
I installed this along with Competition Clutch Stage 2 and I'll say that it was quite loud when I first installed it, so much that I actually made a post about it at IWSTI ( [video]), but after it all broke in at around 300 miles, the noise almost completely went away. It's still overall louder than stock, but nothing more than you would expect and very manageable. I'm overall happy with the install and I'm at around 500 miles in now. I'll follow up at 3k miles if I remember.
Verified Purchase
Flywheel Weight?
m-heyman54069 2 years ago
Read lots of online posts. They convinced me not go very light. Ended up going with the ACT Streetlight, which is 15.5 lbs vs 18.9 lbs for the stock. For me this turned out to be a great choice! My car is actually smoother from a standstill, shifts smoother, and pulls harder in low gears. I live and drive in flat terrain. If I lived in the mountains I might not feel the same way. But here in SJ, there is no reason not to go this light. Like the CF driveshaft, for me there was no downside to using this weight flywheel and the expected benefits are significant for the small weight change.


  • AnswerQ: Exedy Clutch  SpennyA 29 days ago

    Will this for sure fit with an exedy stage 1 clutch? Any possible issues that could come up?

    • A: This flywheel will work with the Exedy Stage 1 STI clutch, and there should not be any issues at all with pairing them together.

      Zach G. 28 days ago

  • AnswerQ: stock vs streetlight ?  scottw24y16037 4 months ago

    i was wondring the weight difference between this and stock or how much does the stock flywheel waigh

    • A: This flywheel is 15lbs, OEM flywheels range from 20-25lbs depending on the year and model.

      Nick S. 4 months ago

  • AnswerQ: LGT SPEC.B  LegacyspecB07 5 months ago

    Will this fly wheel fit on a 07 LGT SPEC.B? I have the 6 speed trans and SI drive like the STIs do.

    • A: If you are using an STI clutch along with this flywheel it will work fine on your Legacy Spec B.

      Nick S. 5 months ago

  • AnswerQ:   Kelton_jj 7 months ago

    Would this work with a competition stage 3 clutch?

    • A: As long as you are using a clutch confirmed for this vehicle it should fit without a problem.

      Nick S. 7 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Lightweight flywheel paired with GrimmSpeed Lightweight Pulley?  Kjan4 11 months ago

    Reading that it is possible to throw a CEL with a lightweight flywheel and lightweight pulley installed. Is it recommended that I just get my OEM flywheel resurfaced since I already have the pulley installed? Or will I be in the clear?

    • A: With personal experience, you should not have any problems with a CEL.

      Kyle A. 11 months ago