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    2012 silver hatch
    Bigpjiwrx 3 years ago
    Love these flaps on my silver hatch. The silver lettering keeps it from looking flashy, yet still gives it the look I wanted and expected. Before I had these flaps I noticed very tiny rocks and light sand being thrown into the air around a turn while I was driving a slow speed and could hear it tap on the side of the car. Now that I have the flaps, I rarely hear anything being kicked up at the car. Great functional product although the price is certainly not attractive.
    Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane Silver Logo V2


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  • AnswerQ: Hardware   Bigpjiwrx 3 years ago

    Where can I find new hardware for this exhaust. My bolts from the mid pipe stripped and I would like to find new ones. Also which gaskets should I renew with?

  • AnswerQ: 2012 wrx hatch  Bigpjiwrx 4 years ago

    is there a specific gasket item # for this pipe you could recommend

  • AnswerQ: 2012 wrx hatch  Bigpjiwrx 4 years ago

    So this is a bolt-on and go product for the 2012 wrx hatch? No other items or work required? Thanks in advance for helping my decision

  • AnswerQ: 2012 wrx  Bigpjiwrx 4 years ago

    If I buy this flywheel, is it absolutely necessary to purchase a new clutch as well? My car is a daily driver, I do not drive excessively aggressive but obviously like to push it every now and then so I'm not looking for the banging pull with a stage 2 clutch. Just simply wouldn't mind rpms being quicker at takeoff and shifting. Also will be getting a crank pully at the same time