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    Big difference
    Sharaf 3 months ago
    I use them for track racing, and I must admit the difference between the 4000 for example is huge, they have better heat range and works perfectly with DS3000.

    DBA 5000 Series Drilled/Slotted Rotor Pair Front

    Track\Perfromance worthy
    Sharaf 3 months ago
    Amazing system for perfect flow, weight reduction and performance and they just look and sound insane

    Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Catback Exhaust

    Dont be scared
    Sharaf 8 months ago
    Dont be scared from the sound, I had Q300 and its louder but not too much, but the RAW brutal tone on full throttle is addictive. Car look from behind is more samurai-ish than decent.
    Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Catback Exhaust

    Pure Efficiency
    Sharaf 8 months ago
    Easy install and fix, takes 5 mins. I track my car, and its 100% efficiencent specially in repeated corners, make it easier and more precise. The only downside it might be a little bit wiggly.
    Killer B Motorsport Shift Knob Extension

    Worth every dollar
    Sharaf 1 year ago
    I installed them just before a Time Attack event (21 corners track with 2 main straights and total distance per lap 3 miles x 20 laps), did the bedding in during the practice, then they worked like magic, stopping distance is impressive, doesnt fade easily and most of all not noisy, even if they are, it worth the performance.
    Ferodo DS2500 Front Brake Pads

    Great Product, Fast spool.
    Sharaf 3 years ago
    Great product, immediate difference in the OEM STi turbo spool and impressive decrease in engine bay temperature.
    PTP Turbo Blankets Turbo Blanket Lava

    Looks only
    Sharaf 4 years ago
    Very easy DIY, enhanced the looks massively but the sound without the relay is like a choking duck :)
    Hella Supertone Horn Kit Pair

    Very Good product
    Sharaf 4 years ago
    The installation was very simple, but you will need extra coolant to refill after installation. I live in 45-50 Celsius weather and Immediately I felt the difference. And Great service from RSD.
    GrimmSpeed 160 Degree Thermostat


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  • AnswerQ: Fitment in STi 2012?  Sharaf 11 months ago

    Does it fit in STI 2012 without issues? Tx

  • AnswerQ: Can I use different ring?  Sharaf 12 months ago

    If I bought this, in the future can I replace the ring with slotted one's only?

  • AnswerQ: Does it fit with the killerB oil pan?  Sharaf 1 year ago

    Does it fit with the killerB oil pan?

  • AnswerQ: Center Caps  Sharaf 2 years ago

    Can I order the center caps separate?

  • AnswerQ: 903 vs 905 and 906  Sharaf 2 years ago

    Guys, as I understand 903 includes both 905 and 906, its like a combo, right?

  • AnswerQ: CFM?  Sharaf 2 years ago

    What the CFM on those comparing to the OEM?

  • AnswerQ: Whats the studs length?  Sharaf 3 years ago

    Whats the studs length?

  • AnswerQ: Does it includes the fans? and size?  Sharaf 3 years ago

    Does this shroud comes with the fans? And what size of Mishimoto fans can fit on this shroud?

  • AnswerQ: CFM compared to stock?  Sharaf 3 years ago

    Guys, I understand that the Mishimoto fans are around 900 CFM, but whats the CFM for STi 2012 OEM fans?

  • AnswerQ: Torque numbers  Sharaf 3 years ago

    How much torque it handles?

  • AnswerQ: Housing and tank  Sharaf 3 years ago

    Guys, can RSD provide the Twin tank housing for this kit?

  • AnswerQ: I have the Q300  Sharaf 3 years ago

    Can I buy the 2 mufflers only?

  • AnswerQ: Different colors?  Sharaf 4 years ago

    Can I have different color for the headlight and the fog?

  • AnswerQ: any pics please?  Sharaf 4 years ago

    any pics please?

  • AnswerQ: 24mmR and 22mmF  Sharaf 4 years ago

    Hi Guys, mainly in the AWD I need the rear to be stiffer than the front, So the the perfect combination will be 22mm front and 24mm rear, correct?

  • AnswerQ: Heat shield for the control unit  Sharaf 4 years ago

    As I understand the control will be inside the engine bay, so. Do I need to heat shield the control unit? If yes, what product you have I can use to heat shield the control? What product you have to heat shields the sensor cables? What

  • AnswerQ: Suitable fit pods?  Sharaf 4 years ago

    Is there any pods in the market that fits 62mm? Or 60mm that can be customized to fit 62mm?

  • AnswerQ: Weight?  Sharaf 4 years ago

    How much is the Weight of the Q300?

  • AnswerQ: Sound level  Sharaf 4 years ago

    Hi Guys, how much (db) generated from this exhaust?

  • AnswerQ: Does it fit STi 2012?  Sharaf 4 years ago

    I know you are mentioning 2007-08 but can it fit 2012 STi models?

  • AnswerQ: Does it come with the pod?  Sharaf 4 years ago

    Dear RSD team, does it come with the pod same as the picture?

  • AnswerQ: what is the diff bet Flex and Mono  Sharaf 4 years ago

    what is the bottom line difference between the Flex and the Mono Flex?

  • AnswerQ:   Sharaf 4 years ago

    @ RallySportDirect is there any way to di without drilling or other pods thats fit right awya insteat of the clock?


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  • 2011 STI Sedan

    Will this fit 2011 STI Sedan ?

    A: Even with slight customization wont fit on 2011?