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    Needs more work
    vickylyles 3 years ago
    It fits pretty good in my 11 STi but for the size of it the weight is heavy and the fiberglass that mine is made from is layed on really thick.. I ended up not even using it and it's sitting on my work bench because of this.
    ATI Single Gauge Pod 60mm

    vickylyles 4 years ago
    Tese really added that pop I was looking for.
    STI JDM Black STI R205 Ornament Left Side

    Great but Could be better
    vickylyles 4 years ago
    Love it but I do wish it had a auto setting so I did not have to try and figure out what to set the to. But a great product and looks great.
    HKS Type-1 Black Turbo Timer Blue Back Light

    This is a Gotta Have!!!
    vickylyles 4 years ago
    I put the HKS turbo timer in and all I can say is this harness is a MUST Have!!! When I opened the turbo timer box and looked at the wiring that would have had to be done with out this harness I was so happy I bought it..
    HKS Turbo Timer Harness

    Did not use
    vickylyles 5 years ago
    Ordered but never got to use since I went with the Perrin pulley. I did hang on to it in chase I need to change back to my stock pulley. This adapter is basic in it's use. It just bolts to the inside of the pulley and then use center bolt to rotate clockwise until the belt is on. Very simple and easy. I would guide anyone to use this or the gates if they are changing pulleys. Just use the rally direct pulley and keep it really simple and easy. Don't forget the great you tube video from rally direct on install.
    GrimmSpeed Gates Stretch Belt Pulley Adapter


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  • AnswerQ: Fitment   vickylyles 2 years ago

    From what I know about Subaru's I am 90% sure this will fit my 2005 FXT but just wanted to as.. I know allot of parts from the 04-07 WRX fit the FXT.

  • AnswerQ: Fitment on a Rotated PT 6262  vickylyles 3 years ago

    Will this blanket fit my PT6262?

  • AnswerQ: RPM Rating  vickylyles 3 years ago

    Wanted to ask what these spring will be able to handle RPM's? Also maybe find out how well these will work with Kelford 272 cams (220-c)?

  • AnswerQ: 05 Forester XT  vickylyles 4 years ago

    Will this key fit my 05 FXT?

  • AnswerQ: Cross over fitting   vickylyles 4 years ago

    I have this setup on my 2011 STI and just bought a 2005 WRX wagon and wanted to ask if this will fit my 2005 WRX?

  • AnswerQ: Fitment   vickylyles 4 years ago

    I am changing to the Invidia Catless Downpipe from the Cobb catted downpipe. I am also running the SPT cat back exhaust. I am needing a recommendation for header that will work with this setup. I also need to ask will these parts work together? If anyone needs to be changed out please let me know and what I might be able to use in place of.

  • AnswerQ: HKS or APEX  vickylyles 5 years ago

    I know in the land of JDM all I saw was APEX. I want to install a TT but unsure as to which will work, look best with my '11 STi? Any input as I would like to make this happen with before Jan '12?

  • AnswerQ: Will this fit?  vickylyles 5 years ago

    I bought the Perrin Lightweight pulley but the Gates tool does not work on it since there is no bolt holes in it. I wanted to ask if this tool will work on that pulley before I order it. If not I will have to return that pulley and order yours so I can use my gates tool.