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    Worth the price
    nick2021 3 years ago
    I did my first two oil changes with Mobile One Synthetic and found that I was had to keep refilling due to slight burn off. With the Redline oil I've gone 3,500 miles with significantly less burning. This is my new oil.
    Red Line 5W30 Motor Oil 1QT

    Must have
    nick2021 3 years ago
    Aside from the fact that it's cheap insurance. The magnet is very strong. There's no reason you shouldn't have one.
    Greddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5

    Looks good
    nick2021 4 years ago
    Great finishing touch to the engine bay.
    Project Mu Reservoir Cover / Sweat Band

    2011 STi
    nick2021 4 years ago
    Installed with Cobb rear shifter bushing, on the OEM short throw shifter option. Shifts feel more precise, less mushy. Like others have said there is a good amount of transmission feedback noise, so on a daily driver this might drive you nuts. I definitely suggest this mod if you are not worried about the extra trans. noise.
    COBB Tuning Shifter bushings

    nick2021 4 years ago
    Purchased this for my '11 STi. Absolutely love the sound. On one of the hangers near the canister you can adjust it to bring the tip closer or further away from the bumper, I thought this was a nice feature.
    Invidia N1 Cat Back Exhaust Single Titanium Tip

    nick2021 4 years ago
    The airbox cleans up the engine bay nicely. The cover looks great and has the Cobb logo on it. When you get on it from 3k upwards it's pretty loud, you can hear it over the stereo if you have it on. It sounds like an airplane taking off. When you let off you can hear a loud whoosh. This also comes with a cobb license plate frame and 3 stickers, two cobb ones, and the carb #.
    COBB Tuning SF Intake Black and Airbox

    Must have
    nick2021 4 years ago
    I installed the AP with the Cobb SF intake + airbox using the Stage 1 ACN91 + SF map. The top end feels much more powerful now. I wouldn't say stage 1 is a huge difference in power, but it really fixes the bad tune that the car came with.
    COBB Tuning AccessPORT w/ Proto Tuning Tool Holder


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  • AnswerQ: Stock 2011+ bushings?  nick2021 3 years ago

    Is it true that the 2011+ comes with rubberless bushings already so by installing this one wouldn't experience any additional discomfort?

  • AnswerQ: Vs Process west  nick2021 3 years ago

    Will this unit out perform the Process West top mount? And would this be overkill for a car using the stock turbo making 100hp over stock?

  • AnswerQ: Top end compared to stock turbo?  nick2021 3 years ago

    I like the quick spool of the stock turbo, however it seems the top end suffers. Will this turbo give me better top end while mimicking the OE turbo spool? I'm stage 2+ making 323whp/379wtrq with a UEL header, intake, dp. I'd like to have the car pull more to redline.

  • AnswerQ: Rear camber options  nick2021 3 years ago

    I've noticed the front has adjustable camber plates, but not the rear. What are some camber adjustment options? (Preferably under $200 for both sides.)

  • AnswerQ: Trumpet Interchangeable?  nick2021 4 years ago

    Does GFB sell different trumpets so you can modify the sound, and/or does the trumpet screw off?

  • AnswerQ: Why do these show up for 08+ Impreza?  nick2021 4 years ago

    I saw both the 12mm and 15mm and chose the 15mm as I thought it pertained to stiffness for some reason.

  • AnswerQ: Fitment  nick2021 4 years ago

    So this works on a USDM STi bumper? It already has the mounting holes for this lip?


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  • BUY

    Can I buy this access port for my STI 2011? , I HAVE THE AEM INTAKE ON.

    A: The maps for the STi are found here