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    2005 STI
    Zach G. 9 months ago
    I installed this kit on my 05 STI and it made a noticeable difference in throttle response and makes the car more eager to rev. Install went very smoothly in less than a half hour and the quality is great. I've been running this with a Competition Clutch lightweight flywheel and have not had any issues with a check engine light or anything else. I'm also running a small battery and the alternator works as well as it did before. 5 stars for fit, finish and functionality.
    Go Fast Bits Underdrive Pulley Kit



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  • 3rd wire to sender.

    so there is three wires going to the sender connector power, ground and signal. is to possible to use a different sender and just connect the power and ground , is the signal for logging purposes? or must i buy the a.e.m sender to have my gauge work?

    A: It may be possible to use a different sensor, but we can only guarantee function if you use the sensor that is included with this gauge.
  • 2015 Sti?

    Im purchasing the Killer B oil pickup, will this baffle fit on my 2015 STI?

    A: This windage tray will fit a 2015 STI.
  • Step height?

    Any idea if this kit maintains the factory step height? I'm trying to figure out if it is compatible with my current aluminum Fidanza flywheel. Thanks!

    A: This kit does retain the factory step height, and if your current flywheel is compatible with the stock clutch, then it will also work with this one.
  • Fitment issues ?

    Hi I have been researching a bit, and on another site selling this diff I saw this "(1) There may be fitment issues with 3.9 and taller final drive ratios where the pinion contacts the LSD case. Modification may be required." I have a 4.111 rear diff, and wondered if this is true? If so, what would one have to modify?"

    A: We have not had any issues reported about the pinion clearance, and if your car is in the Confirmed Applications list, then there should be nothing to worry about.
  • Max HP for these injectors

    Going to be putting a Borg Warner efr 6758 AR 0.65 in and I am wondering if these injectors will have enough fuel delivery for it?

    A: These injectors will support approximately 400-420whp on pump gas.