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    2005 STI
    Zach G. 10 months ago
    I installed this kit on my 05 STI and it made a noticeable difference in throttle response and makes the car more eager to rev. Install went very smoothly in less than a half hour and the quality is great. I've been running this with a Competition Clutch lightweight flywheel and have not had any issues with a check engine light or anything else. I'm also running a small battery and the alternator works as well as it did before. 5 stars for fit, finish and functionality.
    Go Fast Bits Underdrive Pulley Kit



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  • Exhaust orientaion

    What's the difference between straight exit and angled tip? The titanium tip says straight exit but the regular says angled tip... thanks in advance

    A: A straight exit exhaust will come straight out of the back of the car and will be square with the bumper. An angled exit will come out of the bumper at an angle. Both the N1 and Racing exhausts are angled exit, and we will update the listing to reflect that.
  • Stock header

    will the 3 bolt uppipe fit with my stock uel header? 2012 wrx sedan also why would i want the 3 bolt vs the 2 bolt? I am going to purchase uppipe very soon, i have bought invida catless dp, 38mm tial wastegate now looking to but the uppipe. would like to run with stock header until i upgrade to equal length.

    A: The 3 bolt uppipe is not compatible with the stock header, and you would need a 2 bolt uppipe. A 3 bolt uppipe is made for Tomei and GT Spec headers because they use a 3 bolt flange, and there is no advantage to a 3 bolt flange.
  • Eibach Swar Bar Kit

    Hello! I want to purchase the Eibach Sway Bar Kit for my 2002 wrx and have been reading about fitment problems. If I purchase the Kartboy Front Endlinks, do I have to worry about fitment issues or adding spacers or anything along those lines? Or will it be a reliable, easy fit if I only purchase the Kartboy Front Endlinks with the kit?

    A: You can use Kartboy front endlinks with the Eibach sway bar kit, and spacers are usually needed in order to mount the endlinks as straight up and down as possible.
  • Eibach sportline

    Why is the sportline not available for the 2013 sti model? Is there another one similar as far as drop and stiffness to the eibach sportline?

    A: Eibach does not say why they do not make Sporline springs for the 08+ STI, but the Epic Engineering springs would be comparable to Sportline.
  • Catted

    I have an Invidia carted dp. Is it safe to run on catted and will insure fitment ?

    A: It is safe to run EWG with catted or catless downpipes. We have had some feedback that the cat in the Invidia downpipe is very close to the the dump tube, but they still fit together.