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  • End link bracket snapped

    I have this pair of MSI rear end link on my 06 sti and after going over small bumps at low speeds I noticed a weird metal sound to find out the bracket that attaches from the end links to the lateral links. Are these covered under some kind of warranty or are there parts like this for sale instead of having to purchase the entire lateral links again?

    A: Hello Sir. We are terribly sorry to have seen this happen to you. Please do not worry, as these parts are covered under our lifetime warranty. Please contact our sales department and 2 new replacements will sent out to you free of charge tomorrow afternoon.
  • Caster increased?

    I see that these don't have adjustable caster, but do they increase the caster? If they increase caster, what is a reasonable caster to expect with these? Thanks.

    A: You can actually install the mounts orientated to adjust caster and camber simultaneously. This is not an INDEPENDENT adjustment however. The amount of caster gain you get is determined on how you install the mounts, as well as the suspension arms you are using, and model year of car. Rear DSS kit or ALF kit will affect the amount of caster you get as well. Typically between 1 and 2 degrees is the range of increased caster you can get over an above your OE baseline.
  • ride height

    Do these force you to lower or can they be used at stock ride height?

    A: These can be used at any ride height.
  • What else is needed?

    I don't like the stock plastic fitting,so I'd definitely like to convert to this product.But I'm confused on what all I need such as lines,reservoir tank,and fittings wise. If anyone can help me out that'd be great because my car is out of commission at the moment.

    A: The fitting simply allows users to customize their own kit. You cannot install AN lines properly with the OEM plastic reservoir either, so would need someone to fabricate this for you. Length of lines and fittings will depend on were and what type of reservoir is fabricated. You need lines with very high burst pressure specifically suited to HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS (much higher pressure than fuel lines, etc.)
  • Mounting options

    Most pictures of the MSI subframe I've come across feature two different mounting positions for the lateral arms, which I presume to be for stock and lowered setups. The pictures on your website seem to show only one. Is there a different variant, and how much of a drop in ride height does this subframe correct for?

    A: There are several different variants of this subframe available. The images on the website are of the most popular item for standard street cars and fitment with OEM compatible lateral links. It has a 1 correction built in. ALL versions can be custom ordered with an adjustable bracket. Part numbers are as follows, pricing may vary dependin configuration: MSISUB05-28-001 Impreza Rear subframe - circuit version 2 correction w/ 12mm mounting holes MSISUB05-28-001-ADJ Impreza Rear subframe - circuit version as above, adjustable 1 & 2 correction MSISUB05-28-002 MSI Impreza rear crossmember (std production version) with 1 correction to suit standard OEM bolts. MSISUB05-28-002-ADJ Adjustable version for OE and 1 correction and 12mm bolts MSISUB05-28-003 Impreza Rear SubFrame for Gravel use only (OE and 1 correction, 12mm holes)