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    Great Product
    Chandler B. 4 years ago
    Unless you really want a colored logo save you money and get these. For the money they are great. I've been kicking there butts daily this winter in ND (some of the harshest winters around) and they've taken every minute of it without any signs of damage. If you need flaps pick up some of these.
    Rally Armor Basic Mud Flaps Black Logo

    Very Nice
    Chandler B. 4 years ago
    Install was cake. Be sure to run a thread tap into the mounting holes before putting the bolts in. Especially if you live in a snowy climate where they salt the roads. The amount of rust and gunk i cleaned out of the holes was incredible. It'll make life a lot easier if you take the time to do this small extra step.
    Kartboy Rear Subframe Lockdown Bolts

    Chandler B. 4 years ago
    Great plug and highly recommended for anyone running a stage 2+ STi. The price/power gain ratio can't be beat. You will be pleasantly surprised after switching to these plugs and getting a re-tune how much more aggressive your tuner can get with things like AFR and ignition timing.
    NGK Iridium Spark Plug One Step Colder 2309


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  • AnswerQ: ball joints  Chandler B. 1 year ago

    are new ball joints included with these as well and if so are they stock spec or do they have roll center adjustment built in?

  • AnswerQ: compatible with other wheels?  Chandler B. 1 year ago

    Will other steering wheels such as nardi/personal or momo be able to bolt up to this or is it just meant for sparco wheels?

  • AnswerQ: Fitment with eibach 25mm sway bars.  Chandler B. 3 years ago

    Do these fit with the eibach 25mm front and rear sway bar combo kit?

  • AnswerQ: Kit differences  Chandler B. 4 years ago

    My STi is currently using the stock top mount but at some point i will be changing over to a front mount. My question is, what are the differences between the top and front mount kits? Is it just hose lengths?

  • AnswerQ: Subaru fitment?  Chandler B. 4 years ago

    Does Cosworth sell a Subaru version in this color as well?

  • AnswerQ: bumper beam  Chandler B. 4 years ago

    what modification needs to be made to the bumper beam? Some people say you just need to do a little trimming and some say you need to get the JDM beam. Which one is it? Thanks!

  • AnswerQ: Worth it to use with Kartboy subframe bolts?  Chandler B. 5 years ago

    I've got the kartboy subframe lock bolts on the way and was wondering if it's worth it to use this brace in conjunction with those bolts? The way i'm picturing it in my head is the kartboy subframe bolts lock the subframe to the chassis, and then this brace should be the final part to the puzzle since it will lock the rear diff to the subframe, basically making it all one solid chunk. Am i correct?