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    Very good
    Dragonfly 3 years ago
    Minimal issues with installation. Small but surely noticable power and torque increase everywhere, more prominent below 4000rpm. Also turbo spools aprox 2-300rpm sooner! Also reduced weight. Highly recommended.
    PST Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    Very good product.
    Dragonfly 3 years ago
    Extremely high quality. Very high range of adjustments. Coming from WL Com-C, I was ableto achieve additional positive castor (high 4 degrrees). Please note, this is not a longterm review.
    MSI Street Adjustable Front Upper Mounts

    Expreme TI
    Dragonfly 4 years ago
    Havent installed it yet. Very high quality, superlight (you can lift the whole thing with 2 fingers!). External diameter of the tip is VERY big though.
    Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Catback Exhaust


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  • AnswerQ: Carbon Primer vs Carbon version  Dragonfly 10 months ago

    LIC website has two versions: Carbon and Carbon Primer. Which one is this?

  • AnswerQ: Black anodised  Dragonfly 3 years ago

    Do you have the black anodised one version?

  • AnswerQ: Catted  Dragonfly 3 years ago

    Do you have a catted version?

  • AnswerQ: Fitment  Dragonfly 3 years ago

    Hi, 1- Does it fit a 2002 STI? 2- Some early models had fitment issues from what I heard? 3- Can it be used with Process West shroud? Thanks.

  • AnswerQ: Rev limit  Dragonfly 3 years ago

    So does that mean that the forged crank one has a 8500 rpm rev limit?

  • AnswerQ: Castor  Dragonfly 3 years ago

    Can these support 5-5.5 degrees of castor (with ALK,...)?

  • AnswerQ: Fitment?  Dragonfly 3 years ago

    2002 ej207 6 speed, does it fit? Thanks

  • AnswerQ: Hatch  Dragonfly 3 years ago

    Hi, Does this fit the hatch sti? Thanks

  • AnswerQ: EJ 207  Dragonfly 3 years ago

    Hi, Does this fit EJ207?

  • AnswerQ:   Dragonfly 4 years ago

    This is not an anti lift kit?