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    Works well, parts included don't work well.
    GIJosh2687 11 months ago
    Ok, this has a dry K&N filter which is nice, especially when it sucks in air and sounds awesome. The problem I have is how the filter gets mounted into the engine compartment. First of all, the bolts included with the kit are nowhere near long enough and I had to re-use parts I had taken off. Also the clamps are nice and beefy. They seem to be about a 1/2 inch too short. I tried to release them all the way loose and found myself fighting to lock them in. The install was much too frustrating to warrant a 5. Otherwise it seems to be a good piece and I enjoy listening to the whoosh.
    Perrin Cold Air Intake Red

    Does what it says
    GIJosh2687 1 year ago
    Easiest wheel cleaner I have ever used. I used them on my 2015 STi stock wheels. Safe for all, looks great.
    SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect

    Does what it says
    GIJosh2687 1 year ago
    Easiest wheel cleaner I have ever used. I used them on my 2015 STi stock wheels. Safe for all, looks great.
    SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect

    20 thousand miles later
    GIJosh2687 3 years ago
    I've had these installed a little over a year, some 20 thousand miles or so. Still rockin and rollin, roughly 60% burned through, couldn't ask for more. I don't race though, so take that with a grain of salt.
    Stoptech Street Performance Brake Pads Front

    Its funny
    GIJosh2687 3 years ago
    I bought all of this before it was a combo, I paid almost the same price. I want to inform people that the brake lines are reverse threaded to stop much confusion. However, if done properly. A very good setup.
    Stoptech Sport Kit

    Good for the money
    GIJosh2687 3 years ago
    If you crave to be different on a budget, go for it! Re adjust the E-Brake since the housing is larger than stock.
    Powerslot Slotted Rear Rotor Pair

    Ignore my previous post
    GIJosh2687 3 years ago
    I decided to upgrade this to 5 stars, it's not the products fault that I don't track very often. However for the money and the looks, they are worth it. I had to tighten the handbrake for the rear rotors since the housing is slightly larger than stock.
    Powerslot Slotted Front Rotor Pair

    Good option
    GIJosh2687 3 years ago
    I bought these after reading reviews on the forums. I highly recommend them as an alternative to coilovers for people on a budget. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because the springs are round at the top and bottom and not flattened. Which makes the installation a little awkward.
    Racecomp Engineering Yellow Lowering Springs

    Finer Throttle response
    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    I had the dealer install this just in case I rotated the crank counter clockwise and damaged my engine. Otherwise a noticeable difference in response. Much more defined now.
    GrimmSpeed Lightweight Pulley Red

    Good stuff
    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    I am familiar with these types of products since I grew up around american muscle. I have to say the magnet is really powerful. I went to install it and it launched out of my fingers and attached to the oil pan. I just laughed and thought this thing is awesome! It took a few extra seconds to put this thing into the hole.
    Greddy Magdrain Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M20 x 1.5

    Nice for the price
    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    Honestly I originally bought this for the looks since the COBB was blue and it didn't match the color scheme I wanted. I bought this and it sounds really good. I bought this with the intention that I would not have to buy another one when I got a FMIC. Time will tell, otherwise I have been told that a cold air intake is better. So I just got an E-Tune with COBB AP from a tuner in Orlando and I am very happy with the results.
    K&N Typhoon Short Ram Intake

    Worth the money
    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    I had seen an article recently where some magazine had spent $650 on a short shifter (no bushings) and how they were happy with it. For $200 you get superior equipment. I did notice a little more tranny whine associated with low RPM shifting. To be honest, I think its very sexy to say nonetheless. I installed the short shifter and bushings separately, the short shifter is a nice upgrade and the bushings complete it. Don't skip this must have mod!
    Kartboy Short Shifter and Bushing Combo

    A noticable difference
    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    The biggest thing to mention is to state the flare wrench is a must have and the threads are reserve threaded. Hehe, stripped my first one not knowing that. Overall a great mod.
    Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines Front

    Good to have, not necessary
    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    I bought these primarily to have a distinct look. They work out really well and I had to readjust the tension line in the brake handle. Otherwise unless you go to the track these really won't come into the necessary mods in my opinion.
    Powerslot Slotted Front Rotor Pair

    A must have
    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    If you were to take off your fenders and saw how small these tiny little bars are, you would fully appreciate the beefiness of this mod. I would say that installation was actually easier than sway bars in a weird sort of way. I just focused on it and got it done in about 3 hours for both sides. Check out for a good installation guide.
    GTSpec Fender Reinforcement Brace

    Very good
    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    I have had these installed, after the fact with Eibach F&R sway bars and Kartboy endlinks. They are a major contributor to the feel of the car. My steering wheel had a slight vibration at 60 MPH + or - 4 MPH and for whatever reason these seemed to really get close to eliminating that feel. I plan on getting some whiteline ball joints soon as well. Installation was easy enough. I recommend you have some penetrating oil and a deadblow hammer and (craftsman or other life guarantee wrenches) to slam and remove the nut on the subframe. I did this in the garage so leverage wasn't really an option. I pounded the edge of the wrench and it works very well. I don't recommend using a hammer though. Might create too much shock to the wrench.
    Whiteline Rear Swaybar Mount Support Brace

    Great stuff
    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    I would do it again if I went back in time. The only thing I would do though is pay a little more attention to the pictures. The instructions are Japanese and I ended up butchering my liner a little too much. It's ok though, I will redo it to make it really nice. It was scraped and a little ragged anyway.
    Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar Type OS

    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    I saw alot of photos of comparison, but it really did no justice to how these things really are. A major upgrade from stock. Save yourself some trouble and do sway bars and spring/ coilovers at the same time to get it all done. Took me about 2 days of 6 hours each to do front and rear sway bars/ endlinks/ lowering springs. I am a noob!
    Kartboy Front Endlinks

    Very good
    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    I wanted to eliminate the heavy sway that was associated with my 2008 Impreza STi wagon. These did the trick! I would recommend these to anyone.
    Eibach Sway Bar Kit Front Adjustable 25mm / Rear Adjustable 22mm

    Can't wait
    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    I just received them in the mail. I am very excited to try them outwith Eibach sway bars and RaceComp yellow springs. Hopefully I don't need anything special.
    Kartboy Front and Rear Endlink Combo

    I have the generation 3
    GIJosh2687 4 years ago
    I would say that this is my favorite part of my lightly tuned car. It released overpressure even when its not a lot to spare your motor the extra stress. The sounds produced by different pressures makes it fun to use as well. Install in 5 minutes easy!
    HKS Super SQV4 Blow Off Valve


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  • AnswerQ: How different is this compared to Subaru Short shifter?  GIJosh2687 1 year ago

    Basically what are the number comparisons between the two?

  • AnswerQ: Will this fix the cushion feel?  GIJosh2687 1 year ago

    I notice it more in my 2015 STi then I did in my 2008 STi. Will this fix the pillow feel of the brake entirely?

  • AnswerQ: Filter?  GIJosh2687 1 year ago

    Does this come with the K&N Dry filter like the 08-14 model?

  • AnswerQ: Pics?  GIJosh2687 1 year ago

    I would love to see a picture of these installed. Also, it would give me an idea of where it goes.

  • AnswerQ: How loud is this?  GIJosh2687 3 years ago

    I currently have a magna flow exhaust and I am looking to replace it because of the incredible droning on the highway and basically revving above 2500 RPM. This catback would seem to be the optimal replacement. I want to know if it has a heavy drone on highway?

  • AnswerQ: Offset  GIJosh2687 3 years ago

    I have seen STi's with this rim installed. However I cannot tell whether or not there are wheel spacers installed with them. How close do these get to the flush look when installed? 2008 STi?

  • AnswerQ: Stock  GIJosh2687 3 years ago

    Will this battery be a good upgrade for stock to moderately tuned vehicles?

  • AnswerQ: Stock belts  GIJosh2687 3 years ago

    I notice the pictures featuring the gates timing belt and pulleys. Will this work for a stock belt and such on a 2008 STi?

  • AnswerQ: Florida Heat  GIJosh2687 3 years ago

    Is this the best option for the Florida heat? Otherwise I am running the manufacturer recommended 10W-30 I believe. What could side effects of switching be?

  • AnswerQ: The custom wrap  GIJosh2687 4 years ago

    I am staring at this image of the pod with the custom wrap. I will be honest, where can I get a wrap job like that?

  • AnswerQ: In use with  GIJosh2687 4 years ago

    If I wanted to purchase an AMR turbo inlet, would getting these help with the clearance issues I have been hearing about? Would the 3mm give me enough clearance?

  • AnswerQ: Tune  GIJosh2687 4 years ago

    Would this upgrade require a tune since it changes the rev's? Also, is there a good tutorial on the upgrade that you would recommend?

  • AnswerQ: Space  GIJosh2687 4 years ago

    Would this brace interfere with a FMIC installation? Lets say AMR type?

  • AnswerQ: Settings  GIJosh2687 4 years ago

    I wanted to ask about the hard and soft setting, the packet with the bars didn't say. Also what would you recommend (ie soft in front hard in rear or vise versa) for daily driver with spirited driving. I saw hard front/soft rear but I am not terribly sure. Any sugestions?

  • AnswerQ: Benefits  GIJosh2687 4 years ago

    What are the benefits to this upgrade? Also, know any good Cobb Tuners in Tampa area?

  • AnswerQ: Installation  GIJosh2687 4 years ago

    I am assuming the intercooler needs to come off for this upgrade, and good references or tips on doing so?

  • AnswerQ: Fitment  GIJosh2687 4 years ago

    Would you see any problem installing this with Tomei EL headers on a 2008 sti?


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  • Manufacturer's Warranty Voided?

    Will installing this after market product void my manufacturer's warranty? Furthermore, would I see more performance from this package if it was coupled with the AccessPORT?

    A: The Cobb Accessport retains your stock ECU map and "lock". Meaning that if you needed to go to the dealership for a warranty service, you can return the ECU to stock before you go and hide your accessport (at home for the day). Aftermarket parts such as an intake may void your warranty if it requires an ECU tune to work properly and is still installed when you take it in for work. (Keep your stock airbox if your intake requires an ECU tune for proper operation).