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    momo 4 years ago
    i love how smooth it made my diff feel! great pruduct and very easy to pour in!!!!
    Motul Gear 300 75W90 Gear Oil 1QT

    they do the work well!
    momo 4 years ago
    very easy to put on and hold on very well!
    Thermo Tec Snap Strap Kit V8 9in (QTY 8) / 18in (QTY4)

    worth the long install time!!
    momo 4 years ago
    besides the stock bushings being very hard to get to. these are very worth putting them on! I love the extra Notchiness! this def completes my shifter! awsome buy! thanks soo much Rick C. for your help! with out ur help it would've probably taken a lot more time to take the linkage u-joint out!
    Turn In Concepts Shift Linkage Bushings

    momo 4 years ago
    i have been using k&n oil filters since the second oil change on my 2011 wrx and they have not let me down! very well made and the nut helps so much with taking it off!
    K&N Oil Filter HP-1008

    awsome headers!!!!!!!
    momo 4 years ago
    these headers loook soooo awwsoome! fitment is great and so is performance! after the tune some of the rumble was back. it actualy sounds better in my opinion! thanks RSD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tomei Equal Length Exhaust Manifold

    works good.
    momo 4 years ago
    works good but i would have loved it to be thicker but the clamp of the BPV hose still gets on it tight.
    Go Fast Bits Recirculating Hose Plug 25mm

    great price oem quality!
    momo 4 years ago
    i still haven't used any of the ones i got but they are very good quality gaskets!!
    Subaru OEM Oil Drain Plug Gasket

    i like it!!
    momo 4 years ago
    it is deff nice to know that this is preventing water from coming into my turbo and engine! extremly easy install!!
    AEM DryFlow Pre-Filter Air Filter Wrap (6in Base, 5.25in Top, 9in Tall)

    this will make your life so much easier!!!!!!!
    momo 4 years ago
    works great and makes installing stretch belts soo much easier!!!!!
    Gates Stretch Belt Installation Tool

    momo 4 years ago
    very easy to take out but hard to torque down! much lighter than stock and it is surprising how light it is! it looks sooooooo much heavier then it actually is! if you have the money then do it! RSD's service goes above and beyond to make sure that customers get the upmost respect, info, and help!!!!!
    Beatrush Alternator Pulley

    momo 4 years ago
    simple replacement. my buddy and I found a way to use the stretch tool to work with the cobb crank pulley and it was a very simple installation!
    Gates Micro-V Stretch Belt

    momo 4 years ago
    this belt was a bit more of a headache than it should be! first of all, thank you rick and paul for all the time that you guys took to help me!!!!!!! to fit this belt my buddy actually had to take the alternator bolts out to be able to push the alternator down as much as possible and even with that it still needed a bit force to be put on the alt pulley but it was put on! why four stars then? because this belt is very strong and high quality! the belt i give it five stars but because the installation was a pain i give it four overall.
    Gates Racing Micro-V Belt Blue

    momo 4 years ago
    much stiffer than stock! some more NVH but its nothing bad. the slop between the engine and tranny has deff. stopped! thanks RSD for all the help!!!
    Beatrush Pitching Stopper Mount

    momo 4 years ago
    wow sooo much stiffer then stock!
    Kartboy 12MM Black Exhaust Hanger

    awsome spark plugs!!!!
    momo 4 years ago
    my 2011 wrx runs smother and its surprising how much more agresive a tuner can get with this plugs!
    NGK Iridium Spark Plug One Step Colder 2309

    you don't really need this but...
    momo 4 years ago
    i bought this for my GFB bov because i wanted run it fully atmospheric since i had the bpv hose pluged. i am running this with the normal trumpet and all ive used it for is for sound. one side goes wooosh and the other wistles. i really like the sound and thats why im giving it 5 stars but you don't really need this part.
    Go Fast Bits Blow Off Valve Whistling Trumpet Attachment High Boost

    follow up.
    momo 4 years ago
    wow i went through about 10 60to120-130 pulls. then parked the car. i was expecting the intercooler to bet warm but was shocked when i put my hand on it and it was cold. the turbo side of it was obiusly prety warm but the driver side of the intercoorler was COLD! awsome buy and a must!
    Process West Top Mount Intercooler

    very comfortable!!!!!!
    momo 4 years ago
    well made and very comfortable. recommend it to anyone who is a RSD lover and wants a cool sweatshirt to show off! ;) lol
    RallySport Direct Euclid Zip Hooded Sweatshirt Black

    DOOO IIIIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    momo 4 years ago
    these bushing are MUCH stiffer than stock! i absolutely love them! compared to the stock ones(gum) these are better looking, stiffer, and allow for powa to go to the wheels instead of flexing like the stock ones do. p.s. i sudjest that if you are going to install these bushings you also do the subframe bushings, sway bars, and endlinks since you will need to remove those parts to put these bushing in. it will also help a ton and will probably save you 2-3 hours of work if you have a press! RSD's costumer service is unbeatable!
    Whiteline Rear Diff Positive Power Kit Bushings

    momo 4 years ago
    very good quality, fitment is perfect! this wiil deff work right for working on my 2011 wrx and for work! now i just have to get used to wearing gloves! lol bu deff a good buy!
    Tein Mechanic Gloves X-Large

    really cool!
    momo 4 years ago
    reallly cool key chain! i love how adjustable it is! everyone wants to play with it and or asks what it is!
    Tein Damper Key Chain with Wrench

    i love it!
    momo 4 years ago
    really cool back pack that i can use for school and work! tons of pockets for stuff and a good amount of space!
    Tein Backpack Black

    very easy!
    momo 4 years ago
    this very easy to install. it deff made a difference but not as much as i was hoping for. there's still some mushiness in the steering wheel of my 2011 wrx, but its deff more responsive.
    Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings

    good quality.
    momo 4 years ago
    good quality plug. it is deff good to know that if any metals are flowing around that this plug will pull it towards it!
    KICS Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Bolt M20 x 1.5 Yellow

    momo 4 years ago
    I bought this bov because i snapped the vacum hose plastic piece of my stock bpv on my 2011 wrx. It was soo easy to replace and install the gfb bov it only took me at the most 3 mins. thanks Rick for your time and helping me with choosing the right bov!! :) RSD's custumer service is unbeatable!
    Go Fast Bits Replacement BOV Gasket

    looks awsome!!!
    momo 4 years ago
    i bought this because i was worried that rocks would get into the scoop and damage my pw tmic and not be able to get out. i am very satisfied with this product and it only took 3 mins to install!
    GrillCraft Hood Scoop Grill Black

    love it!
    momo 4 years ago
    love it a lot execpt for the fact that the hose rubs against the intercooler. it was prety easy to install. i ended up snaping the plastic piece that connects to the vacume hose of my stock bpv but that is only an excuse to get the GFB bov! thanks Zach G. and Rick C. for you time, patience, and great service! RSD FTW! :)
    Process West Top Mount Intercooler

    a good mod. :)
    momo 4 years ago
    very easy to install. there is a difference in the shifting feels diff., but only when im driving normal. they are A LOT better, higher quality, and stiffer than stock and also have not noticed any NVH from them.
    Whiteline Gearbox Positive Shift Kit

    a must!!!!!
    momo 4 years ago
    this bushing deff. made a difference! they where extremely easy to install since i have access to a press! it only took me 10 mins to take the stock pudding bushings and replace these are amazing! im very happy with RSD's service, the bushings, and the awsome shipping that had my order delivered a day early!
    Whiteline Rear Differential Positive Power Front Kit

    a must!
    momo 4 years ago
    i bought this because i bought the process west top mount intercooler and was afraid of rocks or debree getting in and being able to get out! i deffenetly love this grill!
    GrillCraft Hood Scoop Grill Black

    very good and high cuality!
    momo 4 years ago
    the install it self was very easy. it only took me an hour because i had lost the dp bracket somewhere in my house but finaly found it. lol looks so cool!
    COBB Tuning Turbo Heatshield

    looks awsome!
    momo 4 years ago
    love the look, love how the car feels! the instructions werent that good but it was pretty self explenatory. broke one of the stock bpv plastic pieces but that is only and excus to get a new one!
    Process West Top Mount Intercooler

    great pruduct!
    momo 4 years ago
    i have the cobb front and rear bushings, and the cobb double adjustable short throw shifter(which i grinded the metal plate under the shift boot and cut some of the rubber to make it as short as possible), but still something was missing. the cobb shift knob completed that! i put it to the use on highway 1 and boy it was a blast slaming gears! great pruduct!
    COBB Tuning Delrin Shift Knob Red

    momo 4 years ago
    this made the gear lever stiffer. this done with the rear bushing and the cobb adjustable short throw shifter is a must!
    COBB Tuning Shifter Bushings

    momo 4 years ago
    this with the front bushings made the gear lever feel stiffer. the feel is great! this with the front bushing and the cobb double adjustable short throw shifter is a must!
    COBB Tuning Rear Shifter Bushing

    forget 5 stars! this is worth 10 stars!!!!!!
    momo 4 years ago
    wow did this make a difference! awsome pruduct and very easy to install! this is a must do to your scooby! thanks RSD for helping me find the maps that i needed! you guys are AWSOME!!!
    COBB Tuning AccessPORT w/ Proto Tuning Tool Holder

    yeah baby!
    momo 4 years ago
    my friend and i installed this today on my 2011 wrx. it only took us 5.5 hours to do everything! def. stiffer than stock. i still havent seen what it can do because i have to brake it in but it allready has made a day and night difference!!! :)
    ACT Heavy Duty Performance Street Disc Clutch Kit

    good pruduct!
    momo 4 years ago
    love how it looks! defenatly a big difference in weight! but i didnt notice much difference in how the throtle responded. my friend and i used a subaru magazine on my wrx to take the stretch belt of and on. (use tht and ull s=save ur self $40) very good pruduct overall! :)
    COBB Lightweight Crank Pulley Blue

    holy s#%@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    momo 4 years ago
    wht a difference it made!!!!!!!! by far the best $600 that you will spend on you car! i was really shocked when my car redlined at 7000!! this is a MUST HAVE mod for your subaru!!!!!!!! i had a bit of trouble at the beguining with it, but cobb and rallysport direct where just soooooo helpfull with getting me starded! thanks tanner!!!
    COBB Tuning AccessPORT w/ Proto Tuning Tool Holder

    wow what a difference!
    momo 4 years ago
    i installed this on my 2011 wrx and wow did it make a differance! yes the rear bushing was a pain to replace but overall it only took 2 hours to get all of it done. this is how the car should come stock! this is an awsome pruduct and i deffenatly recomend this to anyone looking fo a greater shifter!
    COBB Tuning Adjustable Short Throw Shifter


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  • AnswerQ: solid or hollow  momo 2 years ago

    are these solid or hollow?

  • AnswerQ: fitment  momo 3 years ago

    i need the left fornt for my wrx but i have not lower it yet. can i still use thi? thanks

  • AnswerQ: how much?  momo 3 years ago

    how much would i need to fill my 2011 wrx when i replace my brakes to stage 2 stoptech kit? thanks

  • AnswerQ: how much?  momo 4 years ago

    how many qts do i need to replace all the oil on my tranny and rear diff for my 2011 wrx? thnaks

  • AnswerQ: combo.  momo 4 years ago

    can i use this with the grimmspeed universal manual boost controller on my 2011 wrx. if yes would this and the boost controller be all i would need besides a tune? thanks

  • AnswerQ: fitting  momo 4 years ago

    would this fit on my 2011 wrx? i have the pw tmic.

  • AnswerQ: cobb dp?  momo 4 years ago

    i have a cobb dp, would this exhaust fit? if not what would i have to do to make it fit?

  • AnswerQ: fitting  momo 4 years ago

    would these by some chance be able to fit a 2011 wrx in the rear? do you have any for the 2011 wrx? thanks!

  • AnswerQ: fitting  momo 4 years ago

    will these fit a 2011 wrx

  • AnswerQ: flow and power?  momo 4 years ago

    would this intake give me more flow and power then an aem intake?

  • AnswerQ: bracket.  momo 4 years ago

    will the bracket fit with the cobb heat shield? thanks

  • AnswerQ: size.  momo 4 years ago

    how much bigger or smaller is this seat compared to stock? and what are the measurements in the pic? metric? thanks

  • AnswerQ: placement  momo 4 years ago

    do this go just in the front or do they go un the rear or both? thaks

  • AnswerQ: fitting  momo 4 years ago

    wouild these fit my 2011 wrx? if not do u guys have some tht will? thanks

  • AnswerQ: fitting  momo 4 years ago

    would this fit my 2011 wrx? thanks

  • AnswerQ: fuel rails  momo 4 years ago

    do i need fuel rails for this injectors? thanks

  • AnswerQ: hi  momo 5 years ago

    is the price for four wheels or just one?


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  • how much lighter than stock?

    how much lighter is it? I see it weighs .02 #'s.

    A: it weighs right around if not a bit over one pound. so this pulley weighs about 3/4lb less then stock.
  • Will This Pass

    I live in Cali, I know that there isn't any downpipe out there that would be legal here. But will this one pass, and if not which downpipe can I buy to make it work.

    A: what my local tuner told me is that everytime you go and get it smoged just change to you old pipes and re-install after u are done with the smog test. my buddy has a 500whp 07 sti and he has to take the whole engine out and borrow a stock one from the shopand put that one on to pass smog.
  • Emissions

    My state has emissions inspection. Will there be any problems with that? I ask this because I noticed the down pipe stated there would be an emissions issue.

    A: justin is right on all of it. however, I have heard that some places wont pass it because it does NOT have a rassonator. but thats a very simple and cheap fix. just take it to a muffler shop and they can easily put one on in 15-20 mins!