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    Perfect fit, easy install.
    strain6676953 8 days ago
    This is a quick bolt on part. Quality is good and fit is perfect. Prior to this, I've been running on the Okada Plasma Direct coils with stock boots for the last 3+ years. After installing the Plasma Spark I noticed the engine idles smoother and is barely noticeably more willing to accelerate at low and mid throttle. I have gone WOT much so I can't say much yet. Besides the ol' butt dyno was never calibrated right. The only disadvantage is price vs performance. It is an expensive part for the tiny performance gain. I've always been a fan of good ignition systems.
    Okada Projects Plasma Spark

    I could feel what the rear was doing.
    strain6676953 8 months ago
    Installation of the part itself was very easy. The instructions came with accurate trimming measurements for the undercover. I proceeded cautiously to avoid over trimming and that took a long time. Once everything fits, fitting the undercover bolt right behind the bar took a lot of patience and skinny fingers. I noticed on a short 10 minute drive on a very familiar road, the car was communicating small unevenness in the road that I never felt previously. I love this brace!
    Cusco Power Brace Rear Lower

    Installed on a 2011 STI
    strain6676953 8 months ago
    Installation was very easy. I haven't been able to push the car so I can't comment on the effects yet.
    Cusco Power Brace Rear Member Side

    Great Part!
    strain6676953 11 months ago
    My car has a front strut bar, and a Cusco Front Lower Arm Bar Type II. I've been driving it that way for a couple of years. A couple of weeks ago, I finally installed this Power Brace Floor Center, the car felt tighter, more stable. Cornering has less unwanted body movements. Turn in is slightly quicker and mid-corner is better. The steering wheel is a bit heavier which I take as a sign of having a stiffer chassis/suspension. The price is steep but it works great.
    Cusco Power Brace Floor Center

    Temperature sensor broke after 3 months of use
    strain6676953 2 years ago
    It was nice while it lasted. Three months of use and the temp sensor gave. Symptoms are it would appear as if there was not temp sensor attached. After a couple of minutes it would be ok. It got progressively worse. Upon investigation, the wires that go into the sensor is the culprit. Moving it around causes the gauge reading to go on and off. Unfortunately, that portion is encased in some form of resin which makes it impossible to repair or replace. For a gauge set this expensive, I expected better quality and durability.
    GReddy Multi D/A Gauge Boost Set 62mm

    Works as it should.
    strain6676953 2 years ago
    I used this to install a Greddy Multi D/A gauge's temp sensor in the sump. Works as it should.
    Killer B Motorsport M20x1.5 to 1/8PT Adapter

    Underhood temps much lower.
    strain6676953 2 years ago
    This is a great product! I used to run a Grimmspeed heat shield with a layer of DEI reflect a gold inside. It worked like a heat shield should. After installing the PTP Turbo Blanket, the GS heat shield wouldn't fit. However, the blanket alone is better by far. After a hard run, I can still hold the blanket for a couple of seconds before it gets uncomfortably hot. Before, I wouldn't even dare touch the heat shield. The TMIC stays cooler than before.
    PTP Turbo Blankets Turbo Blanket T3/T4 Black

    Does it's job, easy to adjust.
    strain6676953 3 years ago
    I bought this for my '11 STI because I've heard the OEM FPR may potentially malfunction when the stock tune/boost is modified. Installation is straight forward and the FPR does it's job. Don't forget to set fuel pressure afterwards. Mine came preset at 60 psi. I lowered it to the 43.5 psi stock level. My car has the complicated '11 STI's FPR damper setup, I removed the stock assembly and installed fuel pressure dampers from an 05 STI. Subaru part numbers 42086FE040 and 42086FE030.
    Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator Type-S

    Brake pedal is firmer & gives better feedback
    strain6676953 3 years ago
    I got the earlier version (GRM 091001) of this bracket. With light pedal pressure, I didn't notice much. However, once pedal pressure increased, there was an improvement. Pedal feedback is good and braking is more linear. About the install, I first installed this 1.5 years ago. The OEM fuel pressure regulator & dampers ended up pushed off to one side. Picky as I am, the bracket was uninstalled. Eventually I installed a Tomei FPR Type-S, also from RSD :), which allowed me to remove the stock FPR & damper. The master cylinder bracket went in and everything is pretty nice and neat. Just a word of caution, regarding the FPR. You still need fuel dampers. More about that in my review of the Tomei FPR Type-S.
    GrimmSpeed Master Cylinder Brace

    Great feel
    strain6676953 3 years ago
    I installed this together with the TIC linkage bushing. The shifter feels crisp and accurate. The rubbery feeling is gone. I'm getting a bit more transmission whine. I'm ok with that.
    Kartboy Shifter Bushing Combo

    Great feel
    strain6676953 3 years ago
    I installed this together with Kartboy front and rear shifter bushings. The shifter feels crisp and accurate. The rubbery feeling is gone. I'm getting a bit more transmission whine, but I'm ok with that. Follow the factory service manual for easy removal of the cross joint.
    Turn In Concepts Shift Linkage Bushings

    Work of art!
    strain6676953 3 years ago
    My first impression: This header is a piece of art. The welds are beautiful. Too bad I had to wrap it. I also sprayed the wrap with Thermotec's exhaust wrap coating. Lost the boxer rumble, but that's ok. Efficiency is what I want. I can't say much about power because it went in together with an upgraded turbo.
    Tomei Equal Length Exhaust Manifold

    Perfect Fit
    strain6676953 3 years ago
    Installing the Grimmspeed lightweight pulley was a straight forward. The hardest part was having enough strength to loosen the crank pulley bolt. The item is much lighter than stock and workmanship is excellent. Low and mid rpm pull are slightly stronger. I can't tell much at high rpm. That's probably due to my numb butt dyno.
    GrimmSpeed Lightweight Pulley Black

    Very Robust Tool
    strain6676953 3 years ago
    This tool made removing the crank bolt easy. (Of course is still requires a lot of muscle.) It is much cheaper than the Subaru tool. If you're installing a Grimmspeed pulley this tool will make sure you don't destroy the anodized finish.
    GrimmSpeed GS/OEM Subaru Crank Pulley Removal/Installation Tool

    Perfect for the job
    strain6676953 3 years ago
    This tool is perfect for installing a stretch belt. Just watch the video from Gates on youtube. If you're installing a Grimmspeed pulley, you'll need the Grimmspeed adapter and this tool. Watch the video in Grimmspeed's website.
    Gates Stretch Belt Installation Tool

    Make life very easy
    strain6676953 3 years ago
    I used this together with a Gates Stretch Belt Installation Tool. It was my first time and got the belt on in one try. Watch the Grimmspeed video on how to set it up.
    GrimmSpeed Gates Stretch Belt Pulley Adapter

    Installed on a 2011 STI Sedan
    strain6676953 4 years ago
    I just installed this on my 2011 STI Sedan with a CNT catted downpipe. The main piece is super light aluminium. The two smaller triangular braces are made of steel and a bit heavier. They have to be quite robust. Installation was straight forward. There is about a 5 inch clearance from the downpipe. The transmission plastic under cover will not fit with this brace installed. Driving around town, the car felt better. Steering response and feedback improved. The steering wheel seemed slightly firmer. I haven't done any high speed curves yet.
    Cusco Front Lower Arm Bar Type II

    Great gasket!
    strain6676953 4 years ago
    I installed this between an ATP turbo and a CNT catted downpipe. Perfect fitment and not leaks whatsoever. If ever I'll need another gasket, Grimmspeed will be on top of the list.
    GrimmSpeed Turbo to Downpipe Gasket


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  • AnswerQ: OEM Heatshield  strain6676953 4 years ago

    Is the OEM heatshield that goes between the exhaust and driveshaft retained with this item?

  • AnswerQ: 2011 STI & Foglights  strain6676953 4 years ago

    Will this FMIC allow me to keep the foglights on a 2011 STI?

  • AnswerQ: Up pipe to turbo studs included?  strain6676953 5 years ago

    Are new up pipe to turbo studs included? Those studs are usually stuck on the old up pipe and get wrecked when removed.

  • AnswerQ: Reverse lockout mechanism  strain6676953 5 years ago

    Does this retain the stock reverse lockout mechanism?

  • AnswerQ: Reverse lockout mechanism  strain6676953 5 years ago

    Does this shifter retain the stock reverse lockout mechanism?


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  • Point 5 torque specification

    I was wondering what the torque spec. is for Point 5 on the diagram, as points 3 & 4 are known through the FSM and Point 6 should be easily handled through Cuscos normal QAQC (I am assuming 28 ft-lbs on that one). I cannot track it down through the FSM. The instructions that I have been able to track down through Cusco USA does not have the specs. for any of the mounting locations. Thanks!

    A: FSM page EI-24 shows it at 13.3 ft-lb. I used that for mine. For point 6 I used the same torque. When unspecified, I use the bolt diameter as a basis for torque.
  • Torque specs

    Getting ready to install these, any recommended toque specs for the bolts?

    A: I used the service manual for the two M10 bolts which is 52 ft-lb as stated in the review above. For the smaller M8 bolts, I used 12 ft-lb. That is a common torque in the service manual for most bolts of that size.
  • does the plastic undershroud still fit?

    Reading one review says some transmission plastic won't fit, but looking at other pictures it looks like it does? I'm talking about the plastic you need to take off to get your oil filter off... it has three 12mm bolts, a clip in each wheel well and two C-shaped clips at the rear of the plastic. I have a 2012 STi limited sedan.

    A: The plastic you are talking about goes below the engine. You can keep that. What won't fit is the cover that goes below the transmission. This cover doesn't exist in USDM cars.