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    Cobb is one of the best!
    wrmyx08 2 years ago
    I have a cobb intake for my old 08 wrx and now I bought this one for my 05 STi, both are great and the sound of couse is awesome!!! Thanks RSD for the fast delivery. less then 2 days
    COBB Tuning Short Ram SF Intake System

    best value!!!!
    wrmyx08 2 years ago
    first these brakes were really a breeze getting in and out. took less then a hour total to do both the front brakes. great stopping power. may gerind a littlw when you first get them but they just need to be broken in. must have if your car is a DD. Thanks RSD!!!
    Stoptech Street Performance Brake Pads Front

    smells soo fresh!
    wrmyx08 2 years ago
    read the reviews on this one and thought it woud be a good pick. AND boy was it! getting in my car now smells amazing. all the girls love it!!! If that doesnt get you to buy i dont know what will! thanks RSD!
    Eikosha Air Spencer Giga Clip Squash Air Freshener Refill

    wrmyx08 2 years ago
    Bought this just to change things up in the cabin of the car. really makes the interior pop! feels awesome in your hand too.
    Killer B Motorsport Round Shift Knob White Brushed 6MT

    No more Shudder!!!
    wrmyx08 3 years ago
    awesome and love this everytime i get into gear. that annoying shudder you get when your getting off the line is gone. everyhing is planted and more energy is getting to the ground. I did do the engine mounts and the Pitch stop as well which is probably another reason but getting thru the gears is a dream now. although when you are at Idle your steering wheel and shifter shake a bit more than used. go away once you are in gear though. thanks RSD!!!
    STI Transmission Mount

    It was meant to be!
    wrmyx08 3 years ago
    this is awesome and is pretty straight forward to install. Must have if you buy the relocation Kit! thanks RSD! once again you guys never fail. RSD for Life!!!
    GrimmSpeed License Plate Delete

    wrmyx08 3 years ago
    Love this and was able to install in about 5-10 minutes. Looks great and defintely gives it that JDM look. Must buy for all exterior mods! thanks RSD!
    GrimmSpeed License Plate Relocation Kit

    wrmyx08 3 years ago
    awesome!!! easy and definitely gives it that modded look! must buy if you want that tuner look. thanks RSD! you guys never fail at fast shipping!
    Cusco Short Antenna Carbon Fiber Look

    simple and easy and look good
    wrmyx08 3 years ago
    simple install once i watched the youtube video 2 or 3 times. definitely gives the car that rally look. awesome product.
    Rally Armor Basic Mud Flaps Black Logo

    crisp shifting
    wrmyx08 3 years ago
    love these and was a pretty simple install. wear protective glasses though... crap fell in my eyes and mouth. just a FYI
    Kartboy Shifter Bushings

    wrmyx08 3 years ago
    great product. Holds to the road how you want it to and just feels like your moree secure. awesome product Kartboy!!! you've earned a loyal customer.
    Kartboy Front Endlinks

    Sounds like a beast!!!
    wrmyx08 3 years ago
    Install was pretty straight forward and pretty easy to do. Only took about 30 minutes. Really cleans up the engine bay as well. I am currently running stage 2 with SF Intake. runs pretty smooth and you really can hear that turbo spool!!! Cant wait to get it pro-tuned! Thank RSD for fast delivery and great support.
    COBB Tuning Short Ram SF Intake System Black

    night and day difference
    wrmyx08 3 years ago
    Great product! Totally different car now. Corner with no roll hardly. I did use the Katy boy endlinks front and back and from what I can tell its way more stable and predictable. 5 stars all the way around.
    Eibach Sway Bar Kit Front Adjustable 25mm / Rear Adjustable 22mm

    wrmyx08 4 years ago
    Great product! You really pay for what you get with this item. Now I know bov's aren't suppose to in crease boost but now I consistently gel 16 lbs of boost without any loss. Luvs it!!!
    TurboXS Hybrid Blow Off Valve

    wrmyx08 4 years ago
    Awesome product all the way around. Definitely gives your car that professional tuner look on the inside. Install was a breeze. Fyi. If you is the vent clip use the lower shelves of the fan vs. The top. Other than that it stays put on launch and hard turns. Great product. Can't wait to show it off! :)
    Proto Tuning Tool Holder / Mount Grey

    must have!
    wrmyx08 4 years ago
    This with my Cobb AP on OTS stage 2 maps is awesome. Not to loud with the SPT exhaust either. Great buy!
    Invidia Downpipe Catted Divorced Wastegate


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  • AnswerQ: sleeved?  wrmyx08 2 years ago

    is this block sleeved?

  • AnswerQ: harness?  wrmyx08 3 years ago

    Is a harness needed for this Turbo timer? And if so which one?

  • AnswerQ: 08 wrx capatible?  wrmyx08 3 years ago

    would i be able to use this light for the 2008 wrx?

  • AnswerQ: what is the purpose?  wrmyx08 3 years ago

    so what does upgrading my clutchline do? does it have a large effect on the shifting or what

  • AnswerQ: install difficulty  wrmyx08 3 years ago

    How hard is this to install yourself? do you have to Bleed the radiator? what would you say is the average install time

  • AnswerQ: what does this do  wrmyx08 3 years ago

    so my main question is what i the benefit of the fuel pressure regulator?

  • AnswerQ: install time?  wrmyx08 3 years ago

    I was just curious as to what the average intall time would be. I just purchased and am very excited to get it in. anything helps. thanks RSD!

  • AnswerQ: ride height?  wrmyx08 4 years ago

    How many inches does this drop the car???