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  • can i use this one?

    my stock 2011 wrx bov may be goin out on me.will this one still function like the factory bov and will it recirculate and not cause me to lose any boost?i have heard that some people put these on just to make noise and those ones actually make the computer think it does'nt have boost because it dont recirculate and causes loss of throttle responce?is this true?also how much louder will this one be?

    A: This Cobb BOV is a great replacement to the factory unit and is a full recirculating valve. It does also have the capability to be run as a hybrid valve, by removing the backing plate on the valve. Most people do replace the BOV solely for the sound change. The BOV's that make the most sound change that people swap out for are vent to atmosphere instead of recirculating. By blowing off air that has already been accounted for instead of recirculating it will cause the vehicle to run rich in between shifts and has been known to cause the vehicle to backfire as well. Another affect is a slight delay in throttle response because the of the reduced pressure in the charge pipes. This valve is slightly louder than stock, but not by much. Another way to improve the blow off noise without sacrificing performance is switching to a short ram intake.