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  • VF40/46 Replacement

    I am looking to replace a VF40/46 on a 2005 Legacy GT, would this compressor housing discharge only work with an sti style tmic, or will it bolt right up to a stock LGT? What would the powerband be like vs. a stock VF40 with no other engine mods?

    A: This turbo will only work with an STi style TMIC. The '05-'09 LGT uses a different flange on the compressor housing. This Blouch 16G will spool very similar to the VF40, maybe slightly slower, and produce more power across the board. :)
  • Front and/or Rear?

    Does this come with front and rear sets?

    A: This is only one set of 2, so you will need 2 sets to complete both front and rear. :)
  • Core trade in

    Whats the core trade in for a 2006 sti 550cc injector set for a deatsch works 740cc?

    A: The core exchange program is a program where Deatsch Werks will buy back your OEM injectors at certain times. It is all dealt directly through Deatsch Werks, you will want to contact them directly for further information.
  • Splitter for the top mount intercooler

    Just wanted to know if Process West had made their splitter for the 08+ TMIC yet...

    A: ProcessWest has not yet made a shroud for the '08+ When asked about it they said that the OEM shroud works plenty well with this intercooler and did not yet mentioned plans to create one.
  • ams exhaust

    I have a ams exhaust and noticed that the invidia v3 doesn't work for this exhaust but does the v2 mate up with it fine or do I need to find a different brand of downpipe.

    A: Yes the v2 will mount with your AMS exhaust:) There were only a few occasions where the v3 did not mount up with the AMS exhaust. They were isolated incidents, but AMS has taken the extra step to prevent this issue from reoccurring and now lists that their exhaust will not work with the Invidia v3 downpipe.