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  • will they work??

    Will this work with the 2005 sti type flex coilovers?

    A: Indeed, this will work with the 2005 STi. Please keep in mind that you are required to invest in the proper motor kit as well as the strut kit for proper installation. Thank you.
  • ringland failure

    will this help prevent the ringland failure? which every subaru has a problem with lol

    A: Absolutely! Installing forged pistons and the surrounding components (rods, bearings) will help strengthen the internals and catastrophic failure. Thank you.
  • where is it located?

    I have some defi guages and id like to add an advance bf oil press and temp to my setup. Where would I find this plug so I can install these?

    A: There are multiple pre-tapped locations on the stock block. The most common location is located behind/underneath the alternator! Thank you!
  • tuning??

    I have a 2015 WRX and really want to buy this cbe but was wondering if it is safe for the engine to use this cbe without a tune? CUz some ppl say it is safe and some say it isnt what is the answer?? LOL

    A: A tune is not required on any of the catbacks we offer. Thank you.
  • Quick release

    What all is required to install this wheel with a quick release?

    A: You will need to pick up a vehicle specific hub to properly install this wheel/quick release combo.