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    Easy, inexpensive upgrade
    Tanner S. 3 years ago
    These made a small difference but they are so easy and inexpensive why wouldn't you want to do them?
    Kartboy Rear Subframe Inserts

    Another great product from K&N
    Tanner S. 4 years ago
    K&N products are very high quality. I use this filter on all of my cars and have been for years.
    K&N Oil Filter HP-1008

    Squash is the best smell out there
    Tanner S. 4 years ago
    Squash from Air Spencer is by far my most favorite car air freshener smell out there. I've bought one for every car I own and toss a new one in about every month to keep that awesome citrus type smell going strong :).
    Eikosha Air Spencer CS-X3 Squash Air Freshener Refill

    High quality filter from APEXi
    Tanner S. 4 years ago
    Replaced the stock drop in filter on 2006 G35 with this unit and it fit perfect, the filter material looks alot more durable and should last quite a while as well as allowing the car to breath even better than stock.
    Apexi Panel Filter

    My girlfriend loves this smell!
    Tanner S. 4 years ago
    My girlfriend has this in her car and it smells great for being a pink shower perfume type of smell. Her friends also liked it so much they bought it for their vehicles as well.
    Eikosha Air Spencer Giga Clip Pink Shower Air Freshener

    High quality and great looks
    Tanner S. 5 years ago
    Very happy with my purchase of this wheel, looks great and is a very high quality product from Sparco as usual with all their stuff.
    Sparco Champion Limited Edition Steering Wheel Black Leather


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  • AnswerQ: Customer has confirmed fitment with GTSpec Strut Tower Bar  Tanner S. 2 years ago

    One of our customers was nice enough to call in and confirm that he has installed this Process West intercoler on his STi with the GTSpec front strut tower bar.


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  • 2012 subaru sti

    whats the torqe setting on these?

    A: According to the owners manual the lug nuts should be torqued to 75ft/lbs.
  • radiator overflow

    the radiator overflow bottle is pictured just want to make sure it is uncluded. thanks!!!!

    A: Yes it will be included.
  • 2003 wrx sedan

    Will this fit my 2003 Subaru WRX? Or do i need an adapter or something?

    A: You will need to get the correct steering wheel hub for your car. With this being a universal product we can't confirm 100% fitment.
  • Silencer

    Which silencer I can use with this system? Found highway drone pretty annoying.

    A: The G200 is the only system Invidia offers that doesn't use their standard silencer. At the moment we do not have the proper silencer that you need listed on our website but we can definitely order it for you. If you could please either call, chat or email with us we would be happy to get you taken care of. Thank you, Tanner I am sorry to inform you that this model of G200 has no silencer available because of the rolled tip Invidia does not have one that will physically fit. Thank you, Tanner
  • Gauge questions

    Does the access poet have to be plugged in to the port in order for the gauges to show on the screen? And what are the gauges that are on this access port

    A: In order for the AccessPort to display any gauge readouts on the screen it will need to be plugged in to get that data from the cars computer. The AP has the ability to basically display any parameter that your ECU is monitoring so all in all more information than most people know what to do with. Thank you, Tanner