AVO Silicone Turbo Inlet Pipe Blue

Part #: AVO S2A00G41BBLUA


The turbo inlet is constantly under vacuum. It's common for people running more than stock boost levels to collapse their turbo inlet. With this AVO turbo inlet designed for the 02-07 WRX and STI this will solve your problem or prevent it from happening. This wire reinforced inlet is extremely strong to resist collapsing.

Another key features is the built in post MAF hose, making this a great product for anyone who is looking to replace both items with just one product!




leak from vacuum joint after a year
twbeer_no112226 2 years ago
The metal fitting for the BPV return hose recently became loose after a year of service. It can not be attached to the inlet anymore, thus causes tremendous vacuum leak. I had to re-fabricate a metal joint to solve the problem.
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Great buy, minor flaws
Norcal_STI 3 years ago
I purchased this inlet pipe after learning my STI had the infamous fuel rail leak and fixing it required removing/destroying the OEM pipe. The AVO inlet is made of high quality silicone and sports a thicker wall than other inlets I've seen. As anyone who has done an aftermarket turbo inlet install will tell you, getting the pipe in and hooker up is a huge pain. But when the only alternative is to remove the entire intake manifold, I'd say its worth the suffering. Results were very noticeable with quicker spool up and response. Not to mention the increase in turbo noise which is always a plus. I have the COBB SRI and fitment with the AVO pipe was flawless. Only complaint besides the installation was the replacement hose they provided was several inches to short. I recommend purchasing your own hose and cutting it to your desired length.
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Quality & Fitment
05subaru_94 3 years ago
This product for whose considering it will be a great upgrade vs the stock inlet pipe. 1. Its extended so its a nice 2 for one without another connection 2. Be patient for removing the stock inlet, I lifted the intake manifold and twisted that sucker out in one piece 3. while the manifold is free a great product to go along with the inlet would be the GS phenolic spacers, i used the 8mm for the new hardware 4. The fitment is tight because of the tight space, patience is key!! The vacuum lines and bypass hose connections are all removable making the installation a lot easier! +1 : ) 5. Get a friend! Once you can get the hose onto the turbo (REAL TIGHT FIT) tighten that down to avoid it slipping off, then get all the lines back on, but one thing i had to do is with the crankcase breather there is a sensor that attaches to the STOCK inlet.. hack it off and shave it down to fit the supplied hoes on using a personal hose clamp so you can reuse the sensor to avoid the CEL... -1. LOL 6. Mates up beautifully with the cobb sf intake and box combo with a little work and squeezing. 7. Overall I am glad to see this under my hood, so consider all of this if you are interested with this product 8. Worth the price !!!
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Best performance intake
rudolf290224847 4 years ago
Excelent product, easy to install, looks great under the hood. The sound is amazing
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Inlet pipe good quality, supporting hardware not so much
jamesh75879 4 years ago
The supplied crankcase breather hose was too short, had to buy my own and I had to trim the inlet pipe over an inch to get it to fit the stock airbox. Also the supplied 3 hose clamp quickly stripped out. This was on a fully stock '03 WRX.


  • AnswerQ: Addt'l hoses?  Yuri 4 years ago

    Will this inlet hose run directly to the COBB short ram intake or do I also need the shorter intake hose?

    • A: This will fit directly to the Cobb short ram intake. The post maf hose that attaches to the stock inlet is built into this inlet.

      Zach G. 4 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Fit stock  yourpalkyle 4 years ago

    Will this fit stock locations or will I need adapters?

    • A: No other modification or adapter will be needed to install this turbo inlet in the stock location.

      Sterling W. 4 years ago

  • AnswerQ: CEL issues  nate 5 years ago

    Will this cause CEL issues if I run this with a Cobb short ram intake?

    • A: It might cause a overboost issue as its much more free lowing then the stock unit. So you would want to keep an eye on your boost levels and do so data-logs to ensure the car is still running safe and needs no adjustments.

      Kirill C. 5 years ago

  • AnswerQ: will it fit?  mattex 5 years ago

    Im looking at fitting this turbo intake with the Cobb Short Ram SF Intake System/ Will they fit together ot do I need additional parts? If not what parts would work together so I can replace all the piping from the turbo to the pod filter? As far as I can see the AVO turbo inlet is the only one to have the longer length, therefore not requiring additional pipe from the maf housing pipe to the start of the turbo inlet?

    • A: There should be no issues of running this inlet with a Cobb Intake. Reason is that the Cobb intake is designed to bolt on to the stock post maf hose, which on this inlet is already built in.

      Kirill C. 5 years ago