COBB Lightweight Crank Pulley Gold

Part #: COB 300102G


Brand: COBB Tuning
Color: Gold
Location: Crank
Material: Aluminum
Pulley Ratio: Stock
Weight: 1.25lbs
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 year
Return Policy:

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The COBB Tuning Lightweight Main Pulley is CAD designed and CNC machines from Billet 6061-T6 and anodized to withstanding the toughest conditions. Replacing the factory main pulley, the lightweight unit improves acceleration by reducing the rotational mass of the engine by as much as 4lbs.

The pulley comes specifically maintaining the OEM diameter, so as to not under drive and cause electrical woes for the owner, as well as maintaining the stock drive belt surface to make for a quick and easy install by even the most novice of owners.



Verified Purchase
Awesome Product
1/4Str8CRazY 3 years ago
This really adds that SHINY piece in the engine bay. I love it every time I open the hood. During the install when I pulled the old one off and held both the difference is HUGE!! Easy install, just make sure to get the bolt TIGHT!! You don't want your crank pulley becoming a projectile in a closed engine bay.
Verified Purchase
Excellent product
F4RS1D3 3 years ago
I got this fitted on my 04 FXT at the same time as a radiator upgrade so install was easy. I could not believe how light it is compared to the standard pulley. I thought these other reviews were talking rubbish about the quicker revving and throttle response but it is true! Definitely an noticable improvement.
Verified Purchase
Highly Recomended!
jellenberg 3 years ago
installation as pretty easy, you do not have to remove the radiator hoses, I just squeezed it in past them. The biggest change that I noticed was that the car drove smoother when letting off the gas, shifting, down shifting etc.. I did notice quicker revving but not as much. I would Definitely recommend this product!
Verified Purchase
Very nice product from Cobb Tuning
m.hoang91614 4 years ago
Got the pulley very quick! RSD is great! Opened the box and pulley is very neatly packed in with foam. Super light!

Highly recommended!
bpourmokhtari40592 4 years ago
Awesome product! Makes my car feel like its 200lbs lighter and it looks great under the hood


  • AnswerQ: Paired with flywheel and cf drive  idothe5519743 3 years ago

    Hi, I currently have an act light flywheel on my 2002 wrx wagon, and I plan on purchasing a carbon fiber driveshaft. I also have an accessport to fix possible codes. Not sure how that works with the ap, could you explain that please? Also...what does the code mean. I know it's there for a reason, but will it be a real issue for concern? A protune is in the near future, but for now ill be using Cobb ap stage 3 vf39 map. Thanks :)

    • A: If you remove to much weight of the motor by doing a pulley and a flywheel you could increase the noise of the motor that the ECU might think is Knock. You would either need to reprogram the sensitivity of the sensor that the ECU sees or re-position the sensor to reduce the amount of vibrations that make their way to the sensor. It is a valid concern, as you need to be able to have the ECU distinguish between knock and just a loud motor.

      Kirill C. 3 years ago

  • AnswerQ: engine life span and top speed?  ej20tomei23703 4 years ago

    my impreza is stock 2.0 litre STI.. does this pulley are reliable for daily driving? i noticed that this pulley will make engine more response in acceleration but how bout the top speed? will my impreza suffer to achive 260km/h top speed? and how bout life span of timing belt if i install this pulley? and how bout a tendency belt to slip when at high revving? thanks..

    • A: This pulley would have no ill effect on your motor if installed correctly. This pulley has no effect on timing belt as it only drives accessory belts for the AC, Alternator, and Power Steering. This should not have any effect on your top speed.

      Kirill C. 4 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Pulley specs  draslay31 4 years ago

    Hey guys, i came across different sizes in pulleys on our beloved World Wide Web:) I was wondering if this is the exact same size as stock or if it is +% / -% of any kind? And are there any light weight pulleys that will gain HP or is this a myth? Thank you guys!

    • A: Hello, this will be a stock diameter pulley, so it is the exact same size as stock. And no pulley will add HP to the engine, but it does free up power that would normally be used for spinning up the heavy stock pulley. The stock pulley would be like wearing 6lb shoes, and switching to 1.25lb shoes, they will not give you more power, but they sure would make you feel more powerful. Hope that helps. :)

      Rick C. 4 years ago

    • A: The Cobb Lightweight Crank Pulley retains the same size dimensions of the stock pulley, however Cobb's pulley is drastically lighter which reduces rotational mass and allows the engine to rev quicker.

      paul559b5ed28149810a128b5c51 4 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Cobb vs Grimmspeed?  J_Maher_WRX 5 years ago

    I know I already asked about the CEL issue, but also wondering if this pulley may be 'too light.' I ask this as the GS product states: GrimmSpeed designed the pulley with the optimum weight for performance while avoiding misfire CEL's and engine hesitation. Debating between these two products, would prefer the Cobb but definitely don't want to deal with the potential cons, if there are any. Hope you guys can clear this up for me! Thanks!

    • A: Both are great products, but neither pulley run by itself(no lightweight flywheel) should cause any issues. We have several customers who run the Cobb and others who run the GrimmSpeed, both love their pulleys and have not had any problems. :)

      guest561671092a8d25a1658c55d3 5 years ago

  • AnswerQ: CEL an issue?  J_Maher_WRX 5 years ago

    Just wondering if this pulley will throw a CEL, and if so, can the Cobb AP permantly remove it?

    • A: This Cobb lightweight crank pulley should not throw a check engine light(CEL) by itself. When paired with a lightweight flywheel it is possible to throw a CEL depending on how much weight is reduced. The Cobb AccessPORT will be able to remove the code, but you will need to have a setting added to the tune in order to remove it permanently. :)

      guest561671092a8d25a1658c55d3 5 years ago