GrimmSpeed Phenolic Thermal Spacer 8mm

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Brand: Grimmspeed
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Material: Composite
Thickness: 8.0mm
Mfgr. Warranty: 2 years
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Do you know what your intake manifold sits on?...a superheated boxer engine. If you don't know already, the cooler your intake air is the more HP your car will achieve.Grimmspeed presents you the answer to this age old problem, raising the intake manifold off the engine with GrimmSpeed's new real Phenolic Intake Manifold/TGV to Engine Thermal Spacer.

Phenolic spacers have been used for years by many other specialized automotive companies, but this is very new technology to the Subaru world.

What it does:
* Greatly reduces the transfer of heat from engine to intake manifold thus reducing heat soak.
* One of a kind true Phenolic material, not cutting board material like others.
* The cooler your intake temperature is the denser the air is which leads to more power
* For every 5 degree reduction in temperature, increases power by 1%.
* The cooler and denser the intake air that the engine sucks in, increases the amount of air that can be mixed with fuel thus increasing efficiency.
* Direct bolt-on.
* When running the oem gasket only, your intake manifold gets very hot to the touch, enough to burn your hand. When the oem gasket is replaced with GrimmSpeed's Phenolic Spacer, your hand can be placed on the intake manifold without any issues.
* GrimmSpeed has installed both with and without OEM Subaru Gaskets and have had no issues with either way. They do recommend using 2 sets of oem gaskets however, one on both sides of the spacer.
* USA made

Package Contents:
1 Pair Phenolic Thermal Spacers
8 Longer bolts with washers

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Verified Purchase
grimmspeed phenolic thermal spacer 8mm
David.P 2 months ago
Good item , don't miss to order all the gasket you need for install this item

Keeps my Intake Manifold nice and cool
z.emerick41643 1 year ago
I had issues with my sleeved block radiating heat up through the TGVs, then my cosworth intake manifold, and finally my ic-throttle body pipe where my speed density sesnor was located. This caused incredibly high IAT temps on the dyno. Since installing this my temps are far lower and the intake manifold is never hot to the touch unlike before. I'd highly recommend this product!

Works great on legacy gt!
mt05lgt 1 year ago
I recently went with a rotated turbo and intake manifold. I needed a little more height to clear the pipe past the p/s pump and for the top feed rails to clear the avcs. Not only do they look great but the 8mm still cleared my hood. Amazing product highly recommend.
Verified Purchase
Great Product
justdust 2 years ago
Fitment is good. maybe heat soak is reduced a little bit. And intake manifold is also less hot when you put this spacer.

Good product, recommend if doing TGV delete.
nupogodi41516863 2 years ago
Didn't have any fitment issues but it was time consuming. I reccomend doing this if you plan on removing the TGV's.


  • AnswerQ: bolts?   exbravo9391588 11 months ago

    the bolts are included right?.

    • A: Yes the longer hardware required is included in this kit.

      Nick S. 11 months ago

  • AnswerQ: PW TMIC  mattcowle 2 years ago

    i have a 2011 wrx with a Process West TMIC .. will this work in terms of clearance? thanks

    • A: I can't speak for compatibility with other TMIC's but they do work well with the OEM intercooler. Mike

      GrimmSpeed 2 years ago

    • A: There will be some issues, as the Manifold will now sit 8mm higher and as a result could create fitment issues. This will be an issue with any part that is related to the manifold as everything gets moved up vertically by the distance that equals the thickness of the spacer.

      Kirill C. 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Fitment   midnightprince304419 3 years ago

    Will these work and still have enough clearance for the Perrin FMIC? 2002 WRX

    • A: We have not tested fitment, but with this unit everything will shift up 8mm. So you can look at your set up and see if you will have sufficient clearance.

      Kirill C. 3 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Work with Coswoth TGV.?  Ian 3 years ago

    Hey , I have cosworth TGV Deletes with the Cosworth Intake manifold. Will these fit ok.? My main question is will this raise the manifold enough to enable me to fit the AVO 3 inch intake. I bought the AMR hard unit before and didnt fit with the cosworth manifold as not enough clearance, Really need to fit a 3 inch intake.

    • A: They will fit, but the only thing we dont know about is the hood clearance from the manifold or if that will be enough to fit a turbo inlet.

      Kirill C. 3 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Gaskets?  daniel.elsey86497 4 years ago

    What OEM Gaskets are recommended? Do yall carry the?

    • A: We recommend using two sets of these gaskets. The spacers will likely not seal on their own so these will guarantee a nice leak free system. Mike

      GrimmSpeed 4 years ago