AVO Top Mount Intercooler

Part #: AVO S1104K941001T
MSRP: This Item is no longer available.


Brand: AVO
Color: Silver
Core Depth: 3.50 in
Core End Tank Material: Aluminum
Core Height: 10.30 in
Core Type: Bar and Plate
Core Width: 10.40 in
Includes New Clamps: Yes
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Intercooler Piping Included: No
Mfgr. Warranty: 90 Days
Return Policy:

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AVO Turbo world's top mount intercooler is easy bolt-on performance. The intercooler is designed to be a direct factory replacement, utilizing a bar and plate design with cast end tanks. By using the bar and plate design the intercooler is able to have a lower pressure drop, while yet increasing cooling performance and helping to lower air temperatures of the air that comes out of the turbo.

The core measures 10.4" x 10.3" x 3.5", which is larger than stock but still using the stock mounting points allowing you to keep the stock look, but yet drastically increase the cooling capacity!



Verified Purchase
AVO or AVno
Dricas 3 years ago
So I purcased this unit a few months ago and was waiting for warmer weather to install it. Over the winter I was down at my local tuner talkin intercoolers. The popular vote was to go Perin for tmics. When I asked why, everyone said at the same time fitment issues. Fast foward to yesterdays install: After what seemed to be a quick, easy, painless install, we took the car out for lunch. Any time the boost went over 5 psi the car would start to buck. Back at the shop we took a close look and saw that the connection on the turbo side had air gaps even though the bolts were tightened fully. When we tried to take the bolds out to re-set the IC one of the bolts sheered in half inside the turbo. We tried to tap into the stuck bolt and EZ out it. This did not work. We ended up having to drill the bolt out thus stripping out all the threads on the turbo. We then re set the IC **(SET TURBO SIDE FIRST)** then had to use a nut & bolt combo cause the threads were gone. We did get it to seat right in the end, but what a pain in the arse.
Verified Purchase
bad fitment,
laz32941727 4 years ago
the turbo flange was uneven, which led my shop to grind it down in order to get it to fit without it leaking boost,then after that was fixed, the cluth slave cylinder rubbed into the tb side of the intercooler, causing many gashes and possibly some leaks, next time im just gonna go with a front mount intercooler
Verified Purchase
Easy upgrade, Worth it.
cl99293 4 years ago
AVO makes fantastic products and this one is no different. Easy to install. I couldn't tell you the gains, because I used internet tuning, but my butt dyno says excellent! The install took less than 30 minutes. The fit is perfect. However, you have to use their supplied alen key bolts on the turbo side, because the stock ones won't fit. Great product!


  • AnswerQ: shroud  DanTheMan 3 years ago

    Does this intercooler work with the same shroud as the oem unit? And if it does it must be bc the intercooler is roughly the same surface area and shape correct? Just deeper design? If this is also true which would be more efficient this or the process west unit which is wider and utilizes a new ducting under the hood? Thanks

    • A: This is designed to be a direct replacement for the stock TMIC and will work with the stock splitter. The core is slightly larger than stock and much thicker. There are no side by side comparisons with Process West for efficiency, but this intercooler is rated at 400 crank hp and the Process West unit is unofficially rated at 450whp.

      Zach G. 3 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Intercooler piping  Jwrx11 4 years ago

    Does this unit come with its own piping? If nit, can we reuse stock?

    • A: AS per the pictures, this does not include any piping but will include everything necessary to properly install this top mount. Thank you.

      Sterling W. 4 years ago

  • AnswerQ: hp rating  tr3y.199025697 4 years ago

    what is the horse power rating on this intercooler? would it work for a car with 350whp

    • A: I would say this intercooler would be ideal for up to 400whp, so if you are going to be running 350whp, I think this would be a great intercooler for you! Thanks.

      Rick C. 4 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Tuning  subiedriver228 4 years ago

    What kind of tune would you recommend be ran with this TMIC?

    • A: You would want to have it get checked out to ensure that the tune that is on the car is sufficient for the increased flow capacity of this AVO TMIC.

      Kirill C. 4 years ago

  • AnswerQ: options/extras  dirtsk8r 4 years ago

    Is it at all possible to get this in black? Also, does RSD sell the AVO Silicone Throttle Body hose to make installation easier?

    • A: Unfortunately, we cannot get this intercooler in black. We are able to order the AVO Silicone Throttle Body Hose. Please contact an RSD customer service representative for details about the hose.

      Zach G. 4 years ago