Cosworth Streetmaster Brake Pads Front

Manufacturer Part # CFS3004



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Complete Street Brake Kit 08-15 STI ( Part Number:RSD 08-15STIBRAKE)
Complete Street Brake Kit 08-15 STI
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Manufactured in the UK, Cosworth brake pads feature a 1.5mm granulated inter-layer which not only serves to act as a shock absorber, helping to reduce stress on the rotor surface but triples bonding strength, diminishing edge lifting. To reduce the bedding-in or seating-in time - this is the time it takes for the pad and disc to adapt to each other - all Cosworth brake pads are heat seared. This process heats the friction material in excess of 600 degrees C, toasting the surface, greatly enhancing the performance the first time that the driver applies the brakes. Scorching pads also significantly reduces initial fading - fading increases the necessary force and pressure required to maintain the deceleration of the vehicle. Cosworth's brake pad range offers exceptional performance without compromise.
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Brand: Cosworth
Brake Pad Material: Cerametallic
For Use with Stock Calipers: Yes
Heat Range: 60-650°F
Location: Front
QTY: Sold as a Set
Recommended Use: Street
FMSI Number: D1001
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
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Easy Install Great Performance
avanti 2 years ago
The install took less than an hour and a half with a friend and I. They've been running strong and only ran in to some sticky situations (pun intended) driving in cold New England mornings. Regardless, I feel like these brake pads are much better than stock.
Verified Purchase

great bite, great performance good price.
2013slowsti 2 years ago
I needed breaks for my car and use my vehicle as a Daily Driver and weekend warrior car on the track. It is a 2013 STI and these pads replaced the Cosworth Track master pads. I really cannot tell the difference besides in dust and noise, of course bite on trackmaster with heat will still be there.
Verified Purchase

Great pads
USMCForecon3067519 3 years ago
Love these pads, second time I've used them, great pads especially for the price, nothings cheap for the STi
Verified Purchase

Very nice!
LUMBERZACK 3 years ago
Extremely low dust, sticky even at low temps, linear braking feel, but a little squeaky though I do not mind it. I have these pads mated with DBA 4000 t3 slotted rotors. I love the pads! Much nicer than the brembo pads I previously ran. I can go weeks without washing my wheels and them still looking good, where before I couldn't get 3 days before my brembo pads dusted out my wheels making them black. They are very predictable pads that don't all the sudden lock up or feel like they aren't there at points. They do squeak a lot at slow gradual stops. Not so much on harder stops, but the noise doesn't bother me one bit though I'm sure it could for many other people. I'm thinking they squeak because they are not warm enough and at operating temp (racecar). Overall I love them and would definitely purchase again on my next brake job!
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Cosworth Brake Pads
seawolf60732986 3 years ago
I am currently on my second set of these brake pads. On my prior set I got about 20,000 miles out of them which is more than I had hopes for. They are dead quiet no squeaks etcetera. dusting is less than stock but they do dust like any performance pad will. They work from dead cold to pretty hot. However, I do not want you to get the wrong impression they are not the pad you want to get if you are planning on road racing with them. But for aggressive driving on the street to the Auto-X and Track days they are perfect. The other thing I really enjoy about these pads is the fact that they have a very linear torque curve so, the harder you push the brake pedal the force put on the rotors will ramp up very nice and predictable which really boosts confidence. Overall for the daily driven car I think these really are the best brake pad that money can buy right now. Just so you have a frame of reference these pads are used on a 2009 Subaru WRX STi that has diversified cryogenic frozen rotors, goodridge stainless steel brake lines, and ATE Superblue brake fluid.

  • Q: bed in  bohmdan8155121 2 years ago


    what is the bed in procedure??? for this pads

    • A: The bed in procedure will be the same as most other cerametallic pads, which is approximately 10 repetitions of 60-10 MPH braking while being more aggressive each time until the pads are warm enough to transfer a very thin layer of pad material onto the surface of the rotors. With any bed in procedure, do not stop the car completely until the pads have had adequate time to cool off.

      Zach G. 2 years ago
  • Q: Just installed these on an 05 evo 8 mr   dj.erick.g2.073062 2 years ago


    Why do they squeal so much ? I just installed them with dba 4000 slotted and drilled rotors and bled all the lines properly and they squeal extremely loud. Is that a defect or is that how the pad is made ?

    • A: As the compound of a brake pad gets more aggressive, the more dust and noise is generated. That is just a part of having an aftermarket aggressive pad. You can also try to re bed the brake pads, to make sure that they are seated completely.

      Kirill C. 2 years ago
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