Cosworth High Flow Synthetic Air Filter

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Brand: Cosworth
Filter Color: Blue
Filter Element Type: Dry
Filter Material: Synthetic
Filter Reusable: No
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
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When it comes to aftermarket performance products, Cosworth is no stranger to aftermarket car parts, or in motorsports altogether. They have been some of the founding fathers in racing, and this company was kind enough  to manufacture a drop in factory style air filter for your 2008+ Subaru WRX/STI.

Cosworth Performance Air Filters are constructed from a proprietary synthetic, non woven single layer, pleated polyester filter media that requires absolutely no oiling. These filters feature OEM like fitment, and the filter housing is inject-molded from High Impact Polystyrene which means it will breathe well. Over 98% efficiency, and 10% reduced restriction compared to OEM filters.  

This product has no user uploaded media. You can upload your photo or video of your install by posting a review.

REVIEWS ( 27 )


Verified Purchase
EZ30R 1 month ago
This filter seems to work well I had a k&n prior to this but didn't trust the filtration so I researched and bought this filter seems to perform well I'm happy with my purchase
Verified Purchase
Perfect fit and flow
djbrianbass29693 1 year ago
This is a great replacement for the factory airbox filter. I use it on my Stage 2 '15 FXT =)
Verified Purchase
Never going back to OEM
JasonB 2 years ago
At 15k on my 2013 WRX, it was time for a new filter. As expected the old one had a bunch of random debris caked all over it. Purchased this as Cosworth is very quality stuff. Direct drop in, 5 minute job. Over the course of about 100 miles now, I've noticed an immediate improvement with MPG, average about 1.5MPG higher now, driving 4 miles to work one way. Before I would average 16.9, now I am pushing 18.6
Verified Purchase
Great filter
zack_c21043 2 years ago
This was very easy to install and improved my gas mileage by 1-2 mpg. Quality product.
Verified Purchase
09 WRX minor build
distefano.vincent62253 2 years ago
Just put in this filter in my car tonight. stock air box is PITA in my opinion but none the less is in and INSTANTLY felt a noticeable difference during start, idle, normal driving, and good pulls. It quieted the sound of the car overall at idle to almost none existent. Throttle was crisper a little bit and significantly smoother through the entire RPM range. Supremely impressed with a Drop in Filter. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! ALOT of bang for your buck. Great investment! Seriously happy i bought this!


  • AnswerQ: Filter life  charlesbuck3989131 2 years ago

    What is the mileage life of this Cosworth panel filter? Same as the OEM?

    • A: How long a filter will last depends heavily on the conditions and you can expect this to last a little longer than OEM.

      Zach G. 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Will this need a specific tune?  boylagz 2 years ago

    I want this filter in my 2014 WRX. Im running Cobb AP stage 1 with stock intake; will this filter require a custom tune?

    • A: We recommend tuning for any upgraded filters, especially on 2008+ models.

      Zach G. 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Tune?  Steelman87 2 years ago

    Just Curious If A Tune Would Be Needed With This Drop In Filter?

    • A: We recommend tuning for any upgraded filters, especially on 2008+ models.

      Zach G. 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: This filter + Cobb AP  Mitch567 3 years ago

    13 WRX I noticed that COBB released a new OTS tune for STI's that is specific to this panel filter. However, no new tune for WRX's. Would you recommend using this filter with the OTS stage 1 (stock airbox) tune?

    • A: With any panel filter I would recommend a stock airbox tune. It would not be to factory specs but it should not be off to the point of causing an issue.

      Nick S. 3 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Freebie  dumschmuck 4 years ago

    When I purchase this filter, will it come with a free Cosworth sticker? How many miles do you think this should last me before changing?

    • A: This filter does not include a Cosworth sticker. There are many variables to determine filter life, but this will definitely last longer than the OEM air filter.

      Zach G. 4 years ago