Apexi Panel Filter

Part #: APE 503-F101
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Brand: Apexi
Filter Color: Red
Filter Element Type: Dry
Filter Material: Cotton
Filter Reusable: No
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 year
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The Apexi Power Intake Panel Filter is a stock replacement air filter. Increase airflow and filtration over the stock unit with this maintenance free dry apexi filter.




Good Price, Easy Install
austinbeachy77349 10 months ago
Installed on my 08 LGT spec B, easy installation, no worries about oiling the filter. Acceleration after install was much smoother, and had better turbo sound.
Verified Purchase
Not what I thought
J_Pipe 2 years ago
Made well. Great look but you never see it once it's installed so it really doesn't matter. Car doesn't run any different. Same gas mileage as OE. OE made more sound (I wanted aftermarket intake sound without having to tune) and is almost half the price. Save your money.
Verified Purchase
Excellent filtration without the oily mess.
joejoe69 2 years ago
I have used APEXi filters for years from their dual funnel Power Intake to a few of these drop in panels. Their filtration capabilites are awesome and you don't have to worry about oiling them, which is detrimental to MAF equipped engines.
Verified Purchase
Great Product
Brocks003k17867 2 years ago
Filter looks much better than OE and fitment was great.
Verified Purchase
APEXi air filter
jerrylewis65371265 3 years ago
this is a great product. great gas mileage


  • AnswerQ: tune or no tune?  raymondravarra40571 11 months ago

    I know it would be beneficial, but would it hurt my engine at all if I did not tune it?

    • A: We always recommend a tune for 08+ WRX/STI. If you decide to run it without a tune we are unaware of what problems could occur.

      guest566b370c2a8d25ff038ca65d 11 months ago

  • AnswerQ: Tune or no tune?  raymondravarra40571 11 months ago

    I have been getting mixed answers. some say yes, some say no. Which is it? I drive a 2011 wrx.

    • A: Technically a tune would be beneficial, but not required.

      Nick S. 11 months ago

  • AnswerQ: How long will it last  Subirista 3 years ago

    So i know this filter isn't reusable. But how long or how much mileage should it last?

    • A: Unfortunately Apexi does not release any information on the specific mileage that this filter will last. I would recommend following manufacturer guidelines on replacement filters for this unit as well.

      Nick S. 3 years ago

    • A: Apexi Japan website says 25000 km. Cleanable with air compressor and absolutely do not wash with any liquid

      tastetickles 2 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Tune??  09WRXlover 4 years ago

    I was reading online and I get mixed stories about drop inns. Does this drop in require a Tune??

    • A: Generally speaking, a panel filter will not require a retune on the vehicle. Thank you!

      Sterling W. 4 years ago

  • AnswerQ: Sound Improvement?  iLaw 4 years ago

    I have a friend that has a K&N panel filter. In his car you can notice the sound of the turbo and the BPV more. Will this have the same affect?

    • A: The effects should be relativity close to the 2 different brand filters

      Kirill C. 4 years ago