Exedy Lightweight Flywhee

Part #: EXE FF501
MSRP: This Item is no longer available.


Brand: Exedy
SFI Approved: Yes
Weight: 13.3lbs
Mfgr. Warranty: 90 Days or 6000 miles
Return Policy:

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EXEDY flywheels combine low weight, low inertia, and high thermal capacity. They are designed for lightly tuned racing cars for drag racing, autocross and rally events, as well as street usage. They are made from solid one-piece billet chromoly steel or chromoly steel forgings. They are specifically designed to reduce weight and inertia for better engine response. Most incorporate special design features to enhance the airflow which improves the cooling of the clutch. The ring gear teeth are integrated onto the flywheel unlike an aluminum flywheel where the ring gear is pressed onto the flywheel and has the possibility of separating from the flywheel due to the different expansion coefficients of aluminum versus steel. As well as them all being SFI approved.




Good performance, no issues
alarmedmutant 2 years ago
I disagree with the three star review. I have seen an increase in performance with this flywheel. I matched this with the Exedy 15803HD clutch. My '07 STI is stock, other than a Cobb tune, a Subaru cold air intake, and a hitch and a bike rack. And, now the clutch/flywheel combo as well. I have not had any check engine lights, and I have found it is easier to break traction if you get aggressive in 1st gear while taking a turn (like turning left at a stop light). I have only had this flywheel for about 700 miles, but I have no issues with it and I do not anticipate issues. Please see my review of the clutch I mentioned for more info. Two side notes: I swapped the clutch/flywheel myself. If you are thinking about doing it yourself I posted my troubles splitting the engine and trans on a popular forum. I had a car lift and every tool imaginable. Also, I bought this flywheel and clutch off of another website to save a few bucks. The clutch was packaged so poorly I had to return it, and I had to purchase it from RSD. Just go with Rally Sport Direct, even if you spend a bit more. I had some questions and I called and the RSD staff helped me out a lot being comfortable with my purchases. Thanks a lot RSD!

not bad,but not perfect...
sti tuner 5 years ago
this flywheel is for racing only... do not buy for street use unless you have it tuned after.the check engine light will come on as the car will try to compensate for the new light weight flywheel.this flywheel will kill your launch.i lost .4 out of the hole.i went from a 1.8 0-60 ft to a 2.2 0-60 ft!!! does help the car accelerate better once the car is moving,but shift work (espcially downshifting) while driving on the street makes you feel like a beginner learning how to drive.rev matching is necessary at all times.only buy this flywheel if you are a road racer.for drag racing you will need lauch control to overcome the torque loss when you come out of the hole to see the full benefit of it.


  • AnswerQ: Any Problem?  ArBunC 11 months ago

    Can i use this Exedy Lightweight Flywheel with Competition Clutch Stage 3 Segmented Ceramic Clutch Kit ? many thanks!

    • A: This should work with any OEM sized replacement clutch kit including the Competition Clutch, but brands will recommend using their own flywheels with their kits.

      Nick S. 11 months ago

  • AnswerQ: fitting  brooklynzillist72662 1 year ago

    Will this flywheel work on a JDM ej207 v9 6 speed trans with an Exedy Stage 2 Cerametallic Disc Clutch Kit?

    • A: Unfortunately we can only confirm fitment with USDM vehicles and have not test fitted any JDM vehicles.

      Nick S. 1 year ago

  • AnswerQ: Weight  Andy. 3 years ago

    I'm Comparing the act street lite to this clutch to this one there is only 1.7 LBS difference am i going to run into problems using this for street application? I'm uusing a exedy stage 1HD I dart want to mix & match brands

    • A: You shouldn't have any problems running this. Sometimes if you have a lightweight crank pulley you can run into a check engine light with the drivetrain being so light, but just running this alone should not be an issue. ACT offers an even lighter flywheel than this that people run without issues.

      Nick S. 3 years ago